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DS 16 months crying when left at CM

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sprinkles77 Tue 12-Jul-11 22:44:35

I assume this is just a phase. When I dropped him last week I waited in the other room and he stopped after about 1 minute. Usually DH drops him though. Today DH said DS started crying as they approached the front door and then took ages to settle (IMO DH makes a bit of a meal out of leaving). When I collected DS today the helpers said that he'd been very clingy all day and cried a lot when he normally is very cheerful and plays nicely by himself of with others. He has a bit of a cold and is teething. Is it fair to put some of this down to him feeling under the weather? Its so hard cos he only goes one day a week and I think he forgets what it's all about sometimes. He's been going for about 2 months and at first he loved it, and I think he's getting lots out of it. SO why the change? Is it cos he's now realised he'll be without us all day?

homeedmam11 Wed 13-Jul-11 09:28:11

I know teething and colds can make them very clingy. Have you tried him with calpol? He is also a little older now and may realise more just whats happening, bless him! smile

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