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Knicker-wetting 7 year old- how to help her?

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Pendulum Tue 12-Jul-11 20:26:38

DD comes home from school most days with damp pants and has the same problem at weekends - she doesn't make puddles on the floor, but she doesn't ever seem to get to the toilet in time to keep herself completely dry and clean. She is dry at night but has only been so since just before her 6th birthday - until that time she soaked through a pull-up every night and didn't wake up.

She claims not to feel that she needs to go until it's too late but I don't know whether to think it is a physiological problem or that she is too distracted to think about going. She spends a lot of time completely absorbed in whatever she is doing and makes a fuss when I remind her to try to go. I'm thinking about taking her to the doctor in the holidays but I'm wondering whether there might be other steps I could take first to help her. Incentives, reward charts etc and even sanctions haven't made any difference so far. I really don't want her to be that child in the class that smells of wee!

Does anyone have any experience of this that they could share?

Furball Wed 13-Jul-11 06:02:44

My ds who is now 10 was a little like this. His problem would be he suddenly wanted to really then would end up having an accident.

We started drumming into him. Whether you want to go or not......... regardless - Get into the habit of just popping for a wee just at the start of break time, the start of lunch, after lunch. etc. even if you don't think you need to.

We told him most times when you go to the loo you can always do one, so you may as well while you can, before you've started playing games at playtime. etc. rather than needing to in the middle of playtime then having to use the schools spare trousers and missing all of playtime.

that strategy does seem to helped him enormously as he just used to file into the playground with the others then didn't want to miss what they were playing.

mumblebum Wed 13-Jul-11 06:15:14

Get her checked. I think you need to rule out physical problems first or you could cause her a lot of distress putting pressure on her to stop something she has no control over. Has she had UTIs in the past?

Pendulum Wed 13-Jul-11 22:08:16

Thanks both. No UTIs that I am aware of but I think I will take her to the doc to check. I'm not expecting them to be very interested though.

Furball, I like your strategy too. I've been trying to do this with DD- it works at weekends when I have control but it seems to fall apart at school. The problem is, she's not very arsed about it and can't see what's in it for her.

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