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19 week old suddenly hates the bath?

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saintcatling Mon 11-Jul-11 20:58:08

I have a 19 week old girl, she has always loved the bath until 3 days ago when my husband put her in (as per normal routine) and she went mad. Screaming as though in pain. The temp is normal 37degs, environment the same, nothing has changed except her.
Has anyone experienced similar? She's my first baby so not sure if this happens commonly? I have 2 theories that she either a) is getting more tired earlier therefore wants bed and can't be bothered with bath or b)doesn't like lying down?
Will try getting in with her perhaps?
Hope to solve it as neighbours must think I am murdering her or the cat.

cocoachannel Mon 11-Jul-11 21:12:54

No advice, sorry, but my DD was 19 weeks yesterday and has been doing the same thing for the last three nights, having previously loved her bathtime. Our situation is identical to yours- no changes. I suspect it may be tiredness as she settles herself to sleep so we kiss her good night and leave the room whilst she is still awake. The last few nights she's pretty much zonked out before we've even got her into her sleeping bag.

saintcatling Tue 12-Jul-11 20:04:23

Thanks for replying, we've had same performance tonight despite Daddy getting in too. Going to experiment with moving routine earlier. She cries so much she seems afraid almost. Not nice, poor little ones.
How did you get on?

cocoachannel Wed 13-Jul-11 19:48:18

Hi there, we think the problem may have been hunger. She normally has bath, feed, story/chat, bed. We switched the bath and feed round and she was back toloving the bath!

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