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13m.o. STILL biting after 5 months, help!

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mammainlove Mon 11-Jul-11 16:57:30

My dd is nearly 13mo, she has been biting for nearly 5 months, mainly when i'm trying to get her to sleep i.e. cuddling and lying next to her (we co-sleep) She finds it really funny and if we react by pushing her away etc, she loves it, same with being firm, telling her off. Obviously she's after a reaction, and it's hard not to react as it hurts! We've tried ignoring and lifting her away calmly, she just does it again and again laughing. We cant leave her as she follows. It's quite upsetting and means we're still having to get her to sleep every night in the sling round the block. I want to teach her to self settle but it's impossible with her biting! Does anyone have any advice?

Octaviapink Mon 11-Jul-11 17:53:46

Unfortunately you have many more months of biting to come! Sorry not to be more helpful but DD is 26 months and still going strong on the sinking-her-teeth-in front. You could try getting her a teething/chew toy and just hand that over in silence when she bites - unfortunately she's too young to understand or empathise with 'no biting. biting hurts.' or whatever.

mammainlove Tue 12-Jul-11 11:38:39

Oh dear. Ok thanks. Anyone else have any advice?

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