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dd 4 year old just crys and crys

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ugglyduckling Mon 11-Jul-11 10:33:50

my DD is very nearly 4 years old and is generally a normall 4 year old but, every time i speak to her for something that i suppose you could describe as slightly negative she cries hysterically!! i dont mean im shouting at her or telling her off mind she does it then too but i can understand that! its things like ' just be carefull you dont drop that juice' or 'can u tidy those toys away ready for tea now' or be carefull you dont trip over your sister' (my other dd is just begining to crawl) something normal i dont feel as if im saying anything that would be seen as agressive or nasty from her point of view but you would think the world had ended the way she reacts. At first i was concerned at her reaction and reasured her that mummy wasnt angry that i just needed her to be carefull so i suppose she did get attention from doing it, but to be honest im getting a bit sick im frightened to say anything for fear of this hysterical behaviour. ive tried ignoring her but it just doesnt seem to be working. does anyone have any suggestions because other people are staring to notice it now and i really dont want her labelled as the whingy kid.

Nursery have never had any problems and always say how well behaved she is, she plays lovely with others generally but shes started with her friends mothers/fathers doing the same, for example we went to one of my friends houses for tea, my friend has a duaghter the same age and they girls get on really well but as soon as my friend spoke to dd she cried but not just a little, hysterically. do you think it may be a confidence thing with adults? or have i done something wrong? she is such a loved little girl i hate to see her sad and i hate the fact its starting to anoy me, but it is just such an over reaction.

Dh gets pretty fed up too he has so much patience and tries to console her/ignore her but again it continues, please help hope this makes sence to someone xx

Bramshott Mon 11-Jul-11 10:53:30

Sympathy - my DD2 (also 4) is similar - if I tell her off, even mildly, she will wail and whine - and she has quite some staying power! I think you just have to ignore, ignore and ignore some more! Walk away to another room if possible.

Do you think she would have cried at your friends house if you hadn't been there with her? My impression of DD2 is that she won't do it if DH or I aren't there, so I don't have any worries about school - she just saves it for home hmm.

ppeatfruit Mon 11-Jul-11 21:09:12

Maybe indirectly get her to discuss the crying( by playing; making one of her dolls talk and then cry for some trivial reason, you could do it together) I know at 4ish sometimes they start picking up on atmospheres and living out things they see on T.V., films or hear in stories.

ugglyduckling Sun 17-Jul-11 21:48:38

thankyou im sorry i havent been on sooner but ive had the most horrendous week of tears. its just rediculous. we are going on holliday tomorrow and im so fed up maybe the change of senery will do good and break this habbit she seems to be in. thankyou for your advice its good to know im not alone. I think your right bramshott im not worried at school ad i dont think she would have behaved like that if i hadn't been there. onwards and upwards!

hellymelly Sun 17-Jul-11 21:56:31

My dd (also 4) does this to some degree.It seems to be a certain tone of my voice,if I sound concerned,that sets her off.She also cries if she's told off but that is easier to understand. I wonder if I may have given her a fright at some stage by shouting something in a panicked sounding way "be careful the chair is toppling!" that kind of thing. I'm not sure though.She is a sensitive child but also a monster tantrummer (that's another issue entirely..)

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