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nichan Sun 10-Jul-11 20:12:39

Hi just wondered if anyone has experienced the same thing and knows whats going on. Our 12 week old suffers from reflux but is on medication which helps, when it comes to feeding it swings in round a bouts one day she'll power down her bottles 7 feeds in total no worries happy baby. Other days she seems to be really hungry will want her bottle but has terrible trouble whilst drinking it can hear her belly gurgling and she wriggles all over the place and gets upset.......... am at a loss as to what is causeing this to happen, she does have trouble with wind but this behaviour starts from the very start of feeding..... anyone else have this?

Timeoutofmind Sun 10-Jul-11 20:22:33

Yes this is a symptom of the reflux, which my DD also has.

Why don't you go back to the GP and ask to try her on some other meds.

nichan Sun 10-Jul-11 20:25:39

thankyou i wondered if it was normal for the reflux the docters so far have been rubbish :-(

Timeoutofmind Sun 10-Jul-11 21:16:30

Yes our doctor was rubbish too. Cow and gate carobel helped for us as it thickens the milk as it helps it to stay down. I have found HV more knowledgeable about reflux than gps

NicholaGriff Sun 10-Jul-11 21:25:01

We use Enfamil AR (prescription formula milk) for our DD's reflux and that has really helped.

nichan Sun 10-Jul-11 21:38:09

she's on the infant gaviscon which is surposed to thicken the milk and aptimil hungry baby we've changed her milk so many times to try and find one that suits the aptimil seems to be the best of the bunch. She isn't generally sick with the reflux when she's having a bad time her symptoms are the difficulty feeding and trouble settling at night, you hear her swallowing the milk back down which wakes her up and she gasps for air. At the mo it's just the trouble feeding and settling is a lil more difficult but milk seems to be staying down. What is cow and gate carobel and enfamil? we got put on neocate to see if she was just intolerent but it didn't help

sbeth1976 Sun 10-Jul-11 22:28:39

This is my life at the moment. I have an eleven week old dd and we have just come out of hospital for the third time today. DD was diagnosed with CMPI at 6 weeks, reflux at nine weeks where she was put on ranitidine and neocate. Came out of the hospital 2 weeks ago with the ranitidine and neocate, everything went ok for two days, no screaming when feeding, happy baby etc, then she started refusing feeds again. It was heartbreaking to see her in so much pain. Went back to GP who increased her ranitidne dosage which seemed to work for a couple of days but then over last few days the screaming and fussing started again. Yesterday was awful, she was admitted to hospital and she was in so much pain she didn't eat for 15 hours.
Typical though by the time she was seen by the registrar she had eaten and settled. He talked about putting her on different meds, eg domperidone and omperazole and said they would review her condition this morning. However, when the consultant came earlier as she was so settled ( like the op we have good days and bad days ) he said she could be discharged without reviewing her medication.
We have a consultant appointment already booked for 21st July and he said they would review everything then. In the meantime all I am dreading every day. Feeding is a nightmare. Do you think I should go back to the GP before then and insist on new meds or just ride it out till the 21st ?
I am a mess and my poor ten year old dd is suffering because of this.

sbeth1976 Sun 10-Jul-11 22:30:39

Also meant to add that my little one also has trouble with wind and I know exactly the sort of noises their tummy's make when they are like this. It sounds horrible.

nichan Mon 11-Jul-11 08:38:17

Sbeth id go bk to the docters if i where you isnt fair for them to suffer sad is so hard as the gp's seem pretty clueless and when ever we review as you say its always typical that things are fine at that time. I find she either starts feeding half her bottles or starts feeding an extra bottle ( comfort feeding) our lil one hated the neocate. Am going bk to the docters today, its so difficult to deal with especially as family dont seem to understand swear they think im making a fuss over nothing. Does your lil one sound snotty some of the time? And do they get sweaty? Am wondering if thats anything to do with reflux?

nichan Mon 11-Jul-11 09:33:08

Also my lickle one is quite sleepy....

NicholaGriff Mon 11-Jul-11 20:11:37

Enfamil is a thicker formula which is supposed to help it stay down. My DD was originally pur on Gaviscon but it did nothing for her. Within a day of starting Enfamil, feeds were a lot easier. I don't think her Reflux is as bad as some, but it might be worth a try. You can get it from the chemist if you want to try it before going to the Docs.

sbeth1976 Mon 11-Jul-11 22:02:38

nichan - yes she does sound as though she is congested all the time, and is always hot. Re the congestion, I think this is a symptom of reflux.
We have had a good day here today but I dread getting up in the morning and I dread each feed. Hope all went well at the docs.
I am going to see how the next couple of days go and I am keeping a detailed log of her feeding/ screaming patterns which I am taking to the hospital with me next week.
One question - when your little one is having an ' off ' day do you persevere with her feed or do you leave her and try again later? I have been trying to carry on feeding her but she gets so upset that I think I may take a new approach from now on and leave her and try again later. I don't know what to do for the best. Her weight gain is so slow. She was six pounds at birth but is only eight ten now so has dropped a whole centile. The registrar said on Saturday that her weight gain is not satisfactory and is becoming a concern, which is one of the reasons I think I get so upset when she won't feed.
Agree some GPs are pretty clueless when it comes to reflux, and even my HV, who I had thought was being pretty supportive said I just had to get on with it now and accept that she is ' unsettled ' and will improve in time - Felt like telling her I know it will improve as she gets bigger but in the meantime she is in so much pain and it's breaking my heart.

nichan Wed 13-Jul-11 19:24:44

Thats so bad you cant just get on with it when you can see your baby is in pain :-( it's horrible. Docters went ok they upped her dose of raneterdine, that was monday she's still suffering today has been a pretty Bad day :-( when shes having a bad time feeding i usually try to carry on as she wants the milk so is a lose/lose, Walking around bouncing her whilst feeding sometimes helps. If it's really going bad then we take a break and return to the bottle when she's calmed down. I dread feed time too :-( is not fun at all. This is our second child and last so was looking forward to really enjoying the baby bits this time round as am more at ease with the second, feeding was one thing i really enjoyed am very much looking forward to solids and the bottle time going.
We've been pretty lucky with her weight gain so far shes on the line despite the troubles. Hope your ok and that your lil one improves soon it is very upsetting i completly understand.

sbeth1976 Thu 14-Jul-11 11:12:06

Thank you. This is my second baby too. With my first I couldn't wait for her to grow and start doing things like rolling, crawling etc but it went so fast that I regret wishing that time away. With this one I wanted to enjoy her being a baby for longer but now I find myself wishing the time away again for her to get bigger so she can have some relief from this.
PS I have also found the thread on reflux babies in the breastfeeding/bottlefeeding section quite useful.

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