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What do/did you do about showing off?

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Greenybean Sun 10-Jul-11 14:21:55

Our only child - a 3 yr old - has her five cousins visiting from the States for the first time. She's in orbit. She's a pretty well behaved bod but has suddenly developed some quite impressive showing off habits! I realise that my un-thought-through response is to slightly show her up in front of her cousins. I'd rather not take this approach and would very much value some advice.

Thanks very much.

PeopleCallMeTricky Sun 10-Jul-11 14:30:47

Why don't you just leave her to it? She's only 3. Don't knock her confidence,

ragged Mon 11-Jul-11 10:28:52

Agree, it's normal, as long as she doesn't do it in a way to make others feel bad or risky to property/health, it's okay to tolerate.

Greenybean Sun 17-Jul-11 08:45:47

Thanks very much folks. There's nothing like a few people who are ahead of the game to stop the worrying. I left her to it and partly cos her cousins are really nice kids and partly cos she's quite sensible, the problem has evaporated. How nice.

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