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How can I stop his raging aggression? Surely not a 2 year 'phase'??

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ellensmelons Sat 09-Jul-11 19:58:16

DS 2.9. Usually lovely, funny, affectionate, intelligent. But if he sees or touches/plays with a toy he thinks it's his! And if anyone dares to play with it - even if left - he will persue them until they're pinched, pushed or bitten sad. He also 'polices' other children. If he sees another child hurt another, ironically he will persue them and pinch/bite shouting 'No! Naughty!' It's very peculiar. At no point have we ever said this!

His nursery report his behaviour daily, have a sticker chart in place and are great at trying new interventions. It's very hard because he will just 'go' so you can't give him warnings or countdowns.

I put him in nursery at about 7 mo and used the controlled crying method to get him to sleep through (worked a treat) I have now questioned these decisions!!! Should I reduce my hours (I do 4 long days 7.30-5.30 at worst) so I can spend more time with him?

What would you do?

Also, his dad's a bit hot-headed and can be short tempered......

And I'm a SENCo in a primary school!!!!

ellensmelons Sat 09-Jul-11 21:43:40


Had to carry the lad yelling and biting from a friend's today so am a bit desperate!!!

ppeatfruit Sun 10-Jul-11 09:17:12

ellens you said his dad's got a temper it sounds as if yr DS has inherited it. IME The 'do not touch MY toys' is normal at this age, sharing isn't an option until they 've developed enough understanding about the rights of others; till they have stopped seeing themselves as the centre of the universe. I used to follow mine like a hawk at any gatherings of other DCs, the nursery should also do it. Punishments don't work at this stage only as you see his hand raised or whatever getting in there fast with a " we don't do that do we?'

Another thing you can do is look at his sugar and wheat intake ( too much of these can make anyone short tempered including my DH!!) also get in quickly before his blood sugar level drops too low (give him nourishing snacks)fruit is good (i would say that wouldn't I!) Good luck smile

ellensmelons Sun 10-Jul-11 11:10:25

Thank you pp! I will have a look at his daily sugar/wheat intake - and DH's!

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