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1-year-old hits me in the face

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Maria101 Fri 08-Jul-11 22:41:19

My 1-year-old daughter has always been lovely, smiley, laid back etc. However, just recently whenever I pick her up to take her away from a situation (ie, when she's trying to play with the DVD player or scuttling off mid-nappy-change) she does an annoyed little yelp, stiffens her body and hits me in the face. I tell her firmly no, and she looks sorry and then strokes my face with her finger. I'm really worried she's getting a horrible temper and wonder if there's anything I should do? Or whether it's just a phase? Most of the time she's very loving and sweet.

kalo12 Fri 08-Jul-11 22:45:19

just hold her hand (firmly but gently) and say hitting is not nice. but don't make a big deal of it. she is only one and its perfectly normal

Greenybean Sun 10-Jul-11 14:07:09

Completely agree about not making a big deal about it. I remember getting into a lather about this - we had a biting phase too. With a bit more hindsight (my daughter is now 3) I'm not sure these things mean what they seem to when you're in the middle of them. I think the fact that she looks sorry and strokes you means that's she's a bit ahead of the curve. Small children have stunningly few choices and I now wonder why they don't express more anger and frustration. As long as you're making it clear that it's not on, I think that that is all that's needed at your daughter's age.

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