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9.5 month old drank 14 ounces of water today....!!

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SeaChelles Fri 08-Jul-11 21:03:53

He still has 3 bottles a day - totalling about 20oz, but has in the last week dropped bottle number 4.

He has been drinking an increased amount of water in the last week - am i right to think this is linked and he is just replacing the fluid in the milk he has dropped or should I be concerned?

I normally just leave his juice cup floating about amongst his mess toys and he goes and has a drink when he wants. His nappies are just as wet and no other changes, just wondered if anyone has similar experience?


monkoray Fri 08-Jul-11 21:10:28

My DS switched nearly entirely to water at around 9 months. He was having maybe one bottle of milk a day (got his calcium through yogurt and cheese). As long as he's still peeing I don't think you need to worry

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