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PFB son emotionally 'moving away' from me (favouring OH) cos I'm too busy always dealing with demanding intense younger sister...any advice? I miss my boy!

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pipkin35 Fri 08-Jul-11 09:59:03

...16 month age gap. 3.6 yr old boy used to be so affectionate towards me. now seems to be pushing me away and wanting more time with OH. This is saddening me and I'm getting hurt even though I sort of know it's not 'personal'. I can't help it. Even first thing in the morning when he wanders out of his room all sleepy, tottering in his sleeping bag which he needs help to get out of - he'll poke his head through into the bathroom/bedroom, see me and say "Where's daddy?" - I have to almost wrestle a 'Morning!' or a cuddle out of him.
The only exception, is when I pick him up from nursery he screams "Mummy!" - all excited and happy and rushes over to hug me, but then that's gone in the blink of an eye with DD hurtling towards him...

Both kids are with me 5 PM's a week. But 2.3 DD is a massive handful. She and I have an extremely intense relationship - and DS just doesn't seem to get a look in. Even if not tantrumming, she will ruin whatever game he is playing. We can all 'play' nicely for a short time but whilst DD is happy to carry on, DS gets v upset and retreats into living room and puts TV on.

It's not like OH works late and never gets to see him or anything. He has special time with him soon as he gets in the door at 6pm - usually I then nip off to eve course/food shopping/etc....I try and get back before bedtime, but OH always does bedtime teeth/story.

I'm sure this is 'normal' but really, really wanted to hear how other parents have handled it?

I tried taking DS out for just me and him time (just for a hour to the library) at the weekend - but it seemed neither kid would have it! DD screamed til she was nearly sick at me going out the door without her, and DS sulked and 'wanted daddy'...!

Jazzicatz Fri 08-Jul-11 10:03:08

This is a natural stage of development with boys as they are trying to assert their maleness, learning to be a boy! It is difficult, but just a phase, be there for cuddles and love as required and you will get through it.

cory Fri 08-Jul-11 21:29:02

what Jazzi said: they go through phases of maleness

my 11yo has just come out of his latest one and gone all cuddly again

a year ago, everything was my fault and daddy could do no wrong- now he wants his old mum again

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