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Will he settle at preschool on one session a week?

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toddlerwrangler Thu 07-Jul-11 17:58:55

For various reasons, I have had to scrabble to get A into preschool at the last minute on one of my work mornings as childcare hasn't worked out.

By some small miracle, a local preshool rang me today to offer me two morning slots, however one morning slot is on my non work day and simply isn't suitable for various reasons. The other slot is perfect.

Preschool are really unhappy about just one morning session (borderline shitty), saying he won't settle and really pushed hard for another session.

I am now really worried. A was 2 on 19th April so will be approaching two and a half when he starts in September. He is very confident, not clingly in the slightest - basically, if there is a party, A is up for it. His speech isn't the best, but is coming on. His behaviour is a million times better (temper wise) then it was (I have posted a while ago about the terrible 1 and a halfs!), and gets better every week.

But I don't want to put him in a position where he is unsettled sad

I have other friends who's children of the same age are going in for one session, so I am confused. Then I thought they probably do want to fill all slots to maxamise income, so that's maybe why there were a bit stroppy?

Can anyone offer any thoughts? I am stuffed childcare wise for this Tuesday morning, but I do not to do anything that will upset him or be of detriment to him in anyway?

Any comments or thoughts very much appreciated.

toddlerwrangler Thu 07-Jul-11 17:59:51

Forgot to say, I have said that if another of my work morning sessions become available, I will snatch their hands off!

atmywitssend Fri 08-Jul-11 13:11:08

My Ds went to pre-school for just one session a week for his first term. Everyone told me it wasn't enough and that he wouldn't settle - and they were right! It was a total nightmare each time he went. I increased it to 3 sessions for the next term - and he settled in fine. Not sure of it was due to the increased number of sessions or him being oder, or a mixture of both. Id I had my time again - I would certainly do at least 2 sessions a week.

MovingAndScared Fri 08-Jul-11 13:39:16

Hmm - I think in your circumstances you will just have to give it a go -I would agree itsn't ideal but some children will be just fine;
and bear in mind it might not work out - and use the time uptill september to review other options - either him going on your non work morning - or alternative childcare

toddlerwrangler Fri 08-Jul-11 18:07:54

Thanks for the input everyone, really appreciated.

Went to his induction today and nabbed the last Monday morning slot, so he will be in Monday and Tues mornings. Soooo much happier about that. He gets his free hours after Easter so gets priority for more hours then.

He toddled off without a care in the world, had his hand grabbed by one of the 'big boys', was taken off to look at the photos of the Royal Wedding 'street party' they had a few weeks back, and was happily chatting away - I have never seen him 'chat' to another child. Came to look for me once, saw me through the window, then happily went off to make some important telephone calls in the kids 'office' area.

Getting him to leave the place? Now that WAS an issue!

Phew, phew and phew again.

PandaG Fri 08-Jul-11 18:11:36

Glad he's settled well, and glad you've got a second slot. I work in a Pre-school and we strongly prefer DC to have a minimum of 2 sessions a week. Not only do the children seem to settle better, we as adults (and the other children) get the opportunity to know them better.

Hope he has fun!

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