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"A spoonful of sugar" - can you help me channel my inner Mary Poppins?

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champagnesupernova Thu 07-Jul-11 07:57:48

This isn't a thread by someone who wants to be on one of those Please Lord Lloyd Webber Get Me On The West End Stage shows.

I have discovered that "rules" explained in a cheery way a la Mary Poppins actually work very well in my house and am looking for more and am sure that there are lots more out there...

A friend who's a reception teacher taught my 3 y/o DS to actually clear his nose of snot by asking him to "wake the monkeys up".hmm He properly blows down his nose when I ask him to do that.

I have adopted in a sing song/kill me now (*delete as appropriate) voice the rhyme from "I can cook" (with ovens beware, 'cos it's hot in there) hmm

So, what little rituals, song and sayings have actually helped your children to behave?

There must be a "tidy up" song for example?

champagnesupernova Thu 07-Jul-11 09:28:24

Bump? grin

champagnesupernova Thu 07-Jul-11 16:19:16

Is it really that boring a thread?

jenrendo Thu 07-Jul-11 16:23:17

As an infant teacher we often use music to get the children to do things to, like a really fast song for tidy up time etc, and they have to be tidy by the end of it. They seem to love buzzing around doing that, and if the songs are played elsewhere in the school they always look really confused and say, "Hey, that's our tidy up song", or whatever. I will be watching this thread to get some hints for my 9 month old! Sorry not much help.

jenrendo Thu 07-Jul-11 16:24:57

Oh and we also sing a 'line up' song and an 'everybody listen' song but obviously I can't sing them to you! I just made them up to familiar melodies x

champagnesupernova Thu 07-Jul-11 16:51:27

Yes, it's secrets of infant teachers that I need really!

champagnesupernova Thu 07-Jul-11 17:12:50

any more for any more?

champagnesupernova Mon 11-Jul-11 10:26:30

Mondya morning bump
I am sure that there are more of these???

Firawla Mon 11-Jul-11 19:19:46

I've heard of a cd songs for toddler tantrums which is full of these I think? not got it myself, some of the songs are available on youtube though

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