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5yr old being awful

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Chippychop Wed 06-Jul-11 08:33:57

i sure this has been done before but here 5 year old ds has started playing up in the mornings, not eating breakfast, takes his shoes off after I've put them on, running away...behind it all I think is because he's got "disgusting" medicine to take and really makes a massive fuss over taking it. What doi do lay off the medicine (antibiotics) and give in to him or try and force it down him -unsuccessfully- and we end up in a big fight me confiscating his fave toy, "calling"his teacher. Honestly I want to slap him he makes me sooooo angry. He can be so good and he's always well behaved at the cm and school, it's just me.i know it's better if I keep calm I get through to him easier but if I lose it then it scares me what I'll do to him.standing here feeling physically sick after our last run in, it's so upsetting and I hate myself for my reactions.

zig Wed 06-Jul-11 19:41:30

I know it's so hard when feeling like this. I find I can get my DSs to take antibiotics by giving them a smartie or something they don't normally get (esp. at breakfast time!) afterwards. But I also notice - often after the event when easier to see clearly - how behaviour goes downhill towards the end of term and when/after they are ill. Don't lay off the medicine - he'll only need to take it again in a few weeks if it hasn't had a chance to work - maybe ask him what he'd like to help take the taste away and agree something reasonable. Sticker charts don't always work for us, but if you think they might for you, try that with the promise of a special day (doesn't have to cost anything) on day 1 of school hols or something. And when you're feeling bad, try to keep the focus on his behaviour rather than him as a person. Threatening to leave the house if DS2 doesn't co-operate still works for us...

EvaPeron Wed 06-Jul-11 19:57:57

Would his CM be prepared to give him some of the doses?

I remember having a special glass to take medicine in when I was that age.

Chippychop Wed 06-Jul-11 22:06:17

Cm may well try...he was dreadful tonight...hitting me, bending my fingers,letting the bathwater out whenhis sister was in the cut a long evening short he told his daddy he was a bit nervous of sports day becausehis best mates always beat him in running races...and the same mates always ask him about the space in his front teeth which he doesn't like...I winderif this is behind it all or just a deflection away from the medicine? I have been uber calm tonight though

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