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nicolaparry Tue 05-Jul-11 22:10:11

my son has been diagnosed with having adhd. he will swear and scream for no reason it can be constant some days. he has been doing this for about a year now. please is any one else going through anything atall simalar to this please reply.

nicolaparry Wed 06-Jul-11 11:56:59

my 8yr old boy screams and swears for no reason is anyone going through this?

anothermadamebutterfly Wed 06-Jul-11 14:32:05

not quite the same, my 8yo has a diagnoses of adhd, and she will make lots of screechy noises and scream for no reason. Luckily she doesn't swear! In general, she likes making noise and having noise going on around her (radio in the background, endless chatter, silly noises, singing to herself). She loves big cities, and busy and noisy places, even though what she probably needs in the ideal world is some peace and quiet. I don't know how this relates to the adhd diagnosis.
Have you read any of the books on ADHD (for example, the Christopher Green one, can't remember the others). They could have some ideas about it.
Don't know of any other advice. Living with a ADHD child can be so tiring some days.

holidaytime Wed 06-Jul-11 18:54:46

My son has ADHD he was like your ds when he was that age. He would always be having a tantrum swearing and kicking. He also had no sense of danger. He went on medication to help calm him down. We also learnt what the triggers were for his melt downs so we could either avoid these things or help him get through them in a calm way. It does get better he is 13 now he still takes clonidine to help him but his outburst are not as bad now.

nicolaparry Wed 06-Jul-11 22:55:10

thankyou for the replys my son is on medication - strattera but it isnt working he has been on it for over 3 months now. may ask for different medicine

ontheroadagain Wed 06-Jul-11 23:09:36

My son went on stattera but it had limited effect and made him sick. He was sent to CAMHS who put him on Clonidine this works for him. It is trial and error trying to find which medicine works for him. How is he in school is he in mainstream ?

nicolaparry Thu 07-Jul-11 12:15:46

He is in mainsteam school but he is not doing well atall. Academically he is improving greatly with one to one help but his behaviour at school is bad. I am going to ask for different medicine

ontheroadagain Thu 07-Jul-11 18:42:18

What support does he get in school ? sometimes when children are not getting the right support in school this spills over into the home and you end up with him upset all the time. Is mainstream the right place for him?

nicolaparry Fri 08-Jul-11 20:36:44

I think he gets enough support he has one to one support reward charts. my sons behaviour started being a problem when he started playschool and it has just got worse. It is his swearing and screaming it stops me taking him out-he will shout out the f word or s**t for no reason. Terettes has been mentioned but i think he does it delibertly.

ontheroadagain Fri 08-Jul-11 21:23:57

This is exactly how my son was and on occasions still can be.I had to travel by bus with him to take him to school and very often he would be swearing. We very often got looked at or some passenager would make some remark to him this would then make him worse. He would kick off in the supermarket and would even kick displays or throw himself on the floor all while screaming and swearing. They were looking at Toureetes for him but that was never comfirmed. I know that it is really hard taking him out but I think you should.
I used to take my son were ever I wanted I just got used to dealing with him in public and I wouldn't let other people bother me. I would tell them he has ADHD and thats why he behaves like that. When people were really rude I would tell them to go and research the condition before they start having a go.

ontheroadagain Fri 08-Jul-11 23:31:08

nicola you can pm me if you want to talk more.

nicolaparry Sat 09-Jul-11 10:45:12

To ontheroadagain, can i ask how old your son is? has the med that your son is on helped with the outbursts. I am lucky i drive sometimes he can be very vocal on the way to town.When we get to town he does calm down abit his noises will be just afew and quieter sometimes we get no swearing but 1 or 2 little screams which i can handle other times he can be awlfull but thinking back the really bad times were before med. my sons behaviour isnt bad at home really, the med that my son is on seems to have worked abit in that he will calm down alot quicker and he can be reasoned with. It is the bad langauge and shouting out.I am frustrated at mo because he had stoped swearing a couple of times for a few days each time but then he starts again at the moment he is very vocal agin swearing and screaming,i have gone back to ignoring vocal outburts in the hope this may work. Sorry new to this site dont know what pm is!!!!

ontheroadagain Sat 09-Jul-11 17:59:20

My son did settle when he got the right medication he is 13 now he goes to a special but is doing really well but can still have outbursts. PM is private message you press on the icon that says message poster and send your message. It is frustrating when they can stop swearing one day but the next day it is constant.

ADHDguide Tue 12-Jul-11 12:19:43

Hi there,

My name is Ross i am 21 and i have ADHD. Few things kids with ADHD swear and scream because they are fustrated for some reason, unless they have touretts. Try to reason and find out why they maybe fustrated?

Kids with adhd like lots going on around them (one lady reffers to noise) Reason being because children with ADHD need a high stimulation enviroment to concentrate put a child with ADHD infornt of an XBOX and youll never hear from them again because on a game like a race game for instance there is lots going on at once stimulating them.

Trying to get children with ADHD and similar ASD conditions to concentrate while in a low stimulante enviroment is a job for have a look you wont be dissapointed we are doing some really great stuff and are proven to reduce symtoms. hope this helps

pixiepixel3 Tue 12-Jul-11 17:40:57

Spoiling kids is another cause of tantrums, entitlement, and other symptoms of ADHD. Set firm boundaries and stick to them. Praise good behaviour, punish bad And don't let them feel everything will be done for them or they just have to scream and get it.

There is more but you need an expert on child behaviour which I am not.

ADHDguide Wed 13-Jul-11 12:14:04

Hi there,

I do believe pixiepixel3 to be correct but its not always that easy. Spoiling a kid with ADHD is ten times worse, i know this may sound old school or strange to some but making them work for money is a really really good way of getting kids with ADHD to settle and get self worth an disapline.

I have ADHD and when i was younger my mum and dad made me a my bro do chores for allowance. if we didnt get the job done we didnt get the money. Instead of things being bought for us we had to earn them. Example most parents these day will buy a child a TV for there room. Me aged 12 i saved up 100 and bought my first TV. Trust me i have ADHD lol

nicolaparry Thu 14-Jul-11 19:22:12

hi thankyou for your replys at the moment i am so confused by him his screaming is constant with a swear word every 10 seconds- in school and at home ignoring them isnt working

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