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18 mo DD biting

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pugwash Mon 04-Jul-11 20:07:03

Has anyone got any advice about how to deal with 18mo DD biting? I picked her up from Nursery this afternoon to be told that she had bitten 4 children and had even drawn blood sad She is teething at the moment and has been a bit grumpy for the last two days so I'm hoping that this is the reason.

She has only bitten me before, my mum and my nephew who is 3 1/2. Most of the time it is when she is excited and doesn't bite hard but some times it can be when something is taken away from her or she is not allowed something and she will also pinch (I have a nice set of finger bruise marks on my upper arm sad )

I try not to react and get angry at her, I say no and walk off so as not to give her attention but over the last two weeks I've found myself starting to get a bit angry and sometimes end up in tears (well now about 4 times a day). I don't have any support to back me up/give me a rest as it is just the two of us.

She is lovely most of the time but I'm just worried that she won't stop and I don't want her to bite anyone else's DC, I was so upset after I picked her up today and her burst into tears in the nursery sad

MovingAndScared Mon 04-Jul-11 20:18:50

some children just go through a biting phase - especially when teething -try not to worry
ask the nursery what they do when she does it - and try and do the same
and most parents will understand as its really not uncommon
also try and get a bit of support - sounds like your mum and sister are around could they give you a break sometimes?
the lone parents board on her is also good I think

pugwash Mon 04-Jul-11 20:26:49

Thanks, I will ask the nursery tomorrow what they do, I expect they have seen it all before!

My parents have her one afternoon and one morning a week and one night when I'm on call, so I get a break but that's when I work!

I think I'm a bit run down at the moment with sinusitis and not getting any quality time to myself. I'll have a look at the lone parents board.

Thanks again smile

babbi Mon 04-Jul-11 21:00:58

Please don't get upset about this. It is just a phase that so many children go through. She is little more than a baby really. It will stop.
You need to take time out and try to rest, as moving said try to get some help. Take care

pugwash Mon 04-Jul-11 21:16:23

Thanks babbi, I think it was just the way I was told by the nursery. It came across as though it was my fault and why had i let her bite!

I'm just a bit emotional and tired at the moment, she has scratched my eyelid, hit me in the other eye with a book and bitten me this evening. I'll see if i can get some time to myself this week and try not to get too upset. Probably doesn't help her to see me upset.

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