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7 year old wanting a fringe and becoming her own hairdresser "help please"

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waitawhile Mon 04-Jul-11 00:03:55

Hi all,

I have no idea where to put this but would appreciate some help please. DD who is 7 years old has decided she wants a fringe and has taken a couple of snips out on 2 separate occasions. She's hit that age where if she knows mummy might / will say no she might try and sneak behind my back so here's where I need some help.

My concerns are 1) she's sneaking 2) it will take ages to grow out and she has very fine whispy hair anyway and it's lovely. 3) at what point do I say come on let's get it done properly. 4) I'm not allowing her to grow and mature

I don't want to make a massive deal out of it but I do want her to be able to come to me in the future and not see it that I'm controlling everything.

Any thoughts would be very much appreciate.


SposeIOughtToNameChange Mon 04-Jul-11 00:31:08

1) Welcome to your life for the next 20 years
2) That's sad, but it's her fault. You need to let her have her own hair now, she's 7
3) Now and let her pick a picture of what she wants it to look like so she's less likely to hack at it once it looks how she wants it
4) Why? If you do point 3 you're letting her grow and express herself.

waitawhile Mon 04-Jul-11 00:44:17

Thanks for the response.

Instinct is telling me that I need to go with her and get it cut. I've had several bad hair cuts (one being a fringe) and I think she looks lovely as she is. Need to check out some other girls fringes and then ask where they get it cut. I know this is probably more about her growing up and making choices than about the hair really sad I so hope I get this parenting malarky right (as much as possible)

Thanks again.

mamas12 Mon 04-Jul-11 00:54:46

I did my own fringe I'm afraid it looked awful.
i know laods of kids who have done it before I thinks it's so normal.
You are right to not make such a big deal just take her to get it cut nicely and it'll grow.

sazm Mon 04-Jul-11 01:05:12

i would take her to get it cut properly,otherwise you risk her sneking off and doing it herself lol,
my 5yo had lovely long hair,she was desperate to have it cut,we discussed it for a couple of weeks,and i took her to the hair dresser last week(i knew she would sneak and so it herself if i didnt), she loves her short hair smile

SposeIOughtToNameChange Mon 04-Jul-11 01:14:32

In fact, I think I was 7 when I cut my fringe. Mum wanted me to look like a ballerina - waist length hair scraped up in a bun. But the kids at school called me slap head!
I didn't even bother to ask her, I just cut it. It looked awful and I told her a girl at school had done it. She marched me down to the school where I had to admit my lie in front of my mum, the girl and the headmaster.

It worked, I've never cut my own hair again! She did however take me to the hairdresser where I got the fringe and the 'wings' I had so desired!!!!

I still hanker after my long locks now.

savoycabbage Mon 04-Jul-11 02:49:32

My mother (65) still talks about the fact that she was not allowed a fringe when she was growing up.

She didn't have her own bed and shared an outside toilet with four other families. And instead of buying coal, they had to collect the coal dust from the railway tracks and mix it with water, form it into balls, leave it to dry out before burning it on the fire. But it's the fringe that she remembers. She's got one now.

differentnameforthis Mon 04-Jul-11 08:31:56

I understand the dd is 7 too & she wanted to grow her fringe out. She now has shoulder length hair, with a shorter part that used to be her fringe..and it covers her face most of the time as it isn't long enough to tie back & she won't pin it.

But it's her choice.

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