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Insomnia. DS aged 10. Any ideas?

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Doodlez Sun 03-Jul-11 22:31:26

DS, aged 10, has always found it difficult to get to sleep. Once asleep, tends to stay asleep but rises early, no matter how late he's got to bed.

Apparently, nothing worrying him.

Relaxed bed time, bath, reading, lights out. Bedroom very dark (black-out curtains).

It's been going on for ever but now it's having major effect on his ability to cope the following day (and mine!).

Any suggestions/experience?

NotJoiningIn Mon 04-Jul-11 08:36:48

When I was 12 I suffered with terrible insomnia. It was triggered by watching something frightening on TV which I shouldn't have seen. Eventually it passed but I remember feeling better if I knew my dad was up! He used to make me a hot milk and read me a story and play a particular piece of music (jazz) that I then used to help get back to sleep. I still listen to it now if I can't sleep!

DeWe Mon 04-Jul-11 08:53:18

Dd1 (age 10) has had this for the last two years since she had pneumonia. If she can't sleep then I give her a time she can put her light on and read for a short time. That usually relaxes her enough to sleep as she's not worrying about not sleeping, she's waiting for the time she can read. If there's something important or she's had a lot of bad nights then the GP suggested I give her a dise of piriton.

Doodlez Mon 04-Jul-11 09:18:34

Thanks ladies. NJI - you're Dad sounds lovely!

Interesting that in both cases, something 'triggered' the not sleeping/difficulty getting to sleep. AFAIK, nothing like that with DS. As I said in OP, he's always found drifting off difficult.

Piece of music worth a try and mix it with a specific time he can read until. I can but try!

Doodlez Mon 04-Jul-11 09:19:01

meant YOUR dad, not you're! <blush>

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