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2.5th old sleep help

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Gorgeousgirlsx2 Thu 30-Jun-11 22:44:42

My 2.5 yr old always slept with a dummy untill 4 weeks ago she had a fall knocked her front teeth and the dentist said dummies could cause permanent damage. We decorated a box and stuck the dummies inside and she got a new toy as a reward. She hasnt asked for dummies since but now cries every night once she's in bed sometimes 10 mins sometimes over an hour, sometimes chats to herself for ages then cries. Once she's asleep you can often tell she just collapsed when she couldn't stay awake any more. She doesn't get out of bed. We have tried bribery, reasoning, music, leaving door open, not going back in, asking why she's crying (no space on pillow as teddy on it, need cuddle, dropped bunny on floor, wants book, etc). She has a special bedtime bunny and until this has always been a really good sleeper. She sometimes cries during the night but more often doesn't. My 2nd girl is only 3 months so still feeding during night and im finding it very tiring. Please help!

Gorgeousgirlsx2 Fri 01-Jul-11 09:06:51

And had long journey to do in car so put her to bed in the car took 1.5hrs and was really difficult for me driving.

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