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Rolling in her sleep - help!

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MamandeRose Thu 30-Jun-11 07:49:30

DD is nearly 5 months and has just learned to roll over. She now rolls in her sleep (in cot) if looking for thumb/dummy, gets stuck and wakes herself up. Up to now she always slept through. Last night spent 1.5 hrs trying to get her back to sleep and she ended up in our bed, which never happens.
Can I use a foam roll or something to prop against her tummy to stop her rolling at night? Anyone tried anything like this or has any ideas would be very welcome!

WhenCanISleep Thu 30-Jun-11 09:51:52

We resorted to baby-sleep bags and then rolled blankets up and pushed them against the bars of the cot - when DD rolled she then didn't bang her head and wake up! Has she dropped a night feed recently? She may be waking coz she's hungry and it just happens to coincide with learning to roll...

MamandeRose Thu 30-Jun-11 09:58:01

Thank you. She's in a sleeping bag, and we have bumpers so she doesn't bang her head, it's more that she gets stuck on her front cos it's not wide enough to roll fully (and she's not used to sleeping on her tummy). But may try the blanket thing as well. She's only on four feeds a day now (bottle) and we almost always have to wake her up for the last one (11ish). If we leave her longer, she might wake, but has on occasion slept through 12 hours without a feed, so I won't risk it!

sweetuphoria Thu 30-Jun-11 10:43:13

My DD is just turning 6mo and has been rolling in her sleep for a while now but has just learned to sleep on her tummy and seems much more contented now that she can. She sometimes cries out when she can't find her dummy and I just go pop it in and she sleeps really well on her tummy.

I think your LO might end up doing the same thing but for now think you may just have to ride it out.

MamandeRose Thu 30-Jun-11 17:44:57

Thank you, sweeteuphoria. Good to know that tummy sleeping is eventually possible. I'm still not planning on co-sleeping, but having resorted to it in desperation last night, she slept till 7.45 this morning. Result! grin

82chelle Fri 01-Jul-11 21:53:31


My 4mo is now rolling over and same problem during the night usually because one of his arms didn't make it out from under him during the roll. I just turn him back over and he goes straight back to sleep.

I think it is just a case of riding it out like sweetuphoria said. I know it means disturbed sleep for now but as soon as they have mastered rolling over properly we have to soldier on lol

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