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At a loss with naughty three year old

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Caldow Wed 29-Jun-11 20:21:22

I have just recently had a baby and my three year old boy has became a nightmare. Basically he is naughty all day every day, constantly trying to get to my other son, being cheeky, not doing as he's told and running away when out and about so bad I feel ashamed to even go to town with him and baby as I have to run after him. He is also always trying to fight with family members and is rough with kids at school. He was mischievous before baby arrived but now seven weeks after baby he is hard to handle it is upsetting both me and my partner. We have tried naughty step, warning him and not lettin him watch cartoons/ have toys as punishments for bad behaviour but it's not working. Its not as if he doesn't get enough attention or love and cuddles bcos he does! I don't know what to do!advice please help mums who have been through this! smile

LizinFrance Wed 29-Jun-11 20:46:29

Hi there,

Sounds like you are going through a really tough time at the mo! I don't have any advice really sorry, but just wanted to say hi. Do you have any family nearby that can help out a bit? How about your health visitor? Could you talk to her for advice? Can you or hubby do a few things with him on his own a bit more? Would he respond better to rewards if he is good? Maybe a star chart type thing with a little reward at the end of each day. Make it really specific, rather than just 'be good'. ie,play gently with friends, hold mummy's hand when we go shopping etc.

Good luck


Caldow Thu 30-Jun-11 07:43:50

Thanks I'm going to try the chart thin today and see how we go from their bcos I'm running out of options. Going to see the health visitor next week too n might ask her x

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