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2 year old not saying much

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baz666 Wed 29-Jun-11 08:26:00

me wee bruiser is 2 now and has a pretty limited vocab, im not sure if its something im doing wrong or its just he chooses not to speak, he can say the usual animals,mummy daddy, bye bye see you soon (one sentence) the obvious No and many other words but he wont have a conversation as such. Am i worried too early or should monster be atleast chatting to me by now....i realise our wee angels progress at their own speed but how fast is he? thanks muchly!!

Tee2072 Wed 29-Jun-11 08:30:15

Mine is about the same. I read somewhere recently that they should have between 50- and 250 words and that 2/3rds of what they say is still gibberish!

Yup, that's my son!

petaluma Thu 30-Jun-11 14:01:05

nah, he sounds absolutely fine. Most of the boys in my nct group, including my own ds are exactly the same, and are the same age. My SIL didn't talk much until she was three, and she is now one of the most articulate, eloquent, talkative people I know.

You might find it suddenly comes on in a burst.

Ginga66 Fri 01-Jul-11 10:16:49

My two yr two mtg old similarly has few words and has been for a hearing test today with his dad. I am in hospital with mis carriage. Apparently he is some six months behind and they are sending him to speech therapist. Really worried now. He has lots of words just none of them super clear really. Poor dh was so fazed by the six people who saw him that he went blank about some of the questions they asked around his birth. He did have cord qround neck but blood gasses were fine. Why is there so much pressure to meet some standard, he is a bright little button and very active. On top of mis this is just freaking me out.

BlueArmyGirl Sun 10-Jul-11 12:36:41

Ginga66 try not to worry. It's not so much about 'meeting a standard' as wanting to identify possible delays early because the sooner they are picked up the sooner appropriate support can be put in place with the hope that this therefore means shorter term difficulties.

Greenybean Sun 10-Jul-11 14:17:15

Our three yr old was a very slow speaker and is now, it seems, unusually articulate for her age (she's not a genius you understand, just wordy). She was so behind that I worried about it quite a bit - and now worry about how to get a bit of hush. From the little I've read the best thing you can do is keep chatting to them and leave nice breaks for them to let you have a bit of nonsense in reply.

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