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sleep issues.... :-(

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ChloesYummyMummy Tue 28-Jun-11 20:07:33

my 9week old has had bad colic from around a week old, due to this I have rocked/cuddled her to sleep during day and night.... making a rod for my own back, I know!
until the past week I have been able to put her down once asleep but she will now only sleep if being held, its a nightmare! the second i put her down she wakes and if by a miracle i do manage to put her down she will only sleep for 10mins waking and wanting to suckle for comfort. It is also really hard to get her to sleep in the first place, it can take up to half an hour of walking round, rocking ect ect.. this is getting very draining and i wont to brake the habit but dont know how....???

Any help would be much appreciated..

Cheeseandbiscuits Tue 28-Jun-11 23:25:35

Don't want you to go unanswered.

You cannot make a rod for your own back at 9 weeks.

DD would not sleep on her own for ages. We learnt to cosleep and she gradually spent more time in her cot than with us. Have you tired white noise/swaddling/grobags etc etc?

kalo12 Tue 28-Jun-11 23:33:22

sounds normal to me. have you tried cutting dairy, spice and caffeine from your diet. can make a huge difference ime

matana Wed 29-Jun-11 09:45:23

What Cheeseandbiscuits said.

From memory, my DS was able to settle better and for longer from around 12 weeks. We co-slept until then. He made the transition to moses basket fine once he was more comfortable. He didn't have colic but was very uncomortable and noisy lying on his back so he slept on my chest.

I think your LO will grow out of it as she gets older. Just keep trying to put her in her moses basket/ cot/ pram for sleeps when she gets sleepy but is still awake. One day soon she may surprise you and fall asleep on her own. The reason she wakes when you put her down is because you're nice and warm and they don't like falling asleep safely in one place and then finding out they're somewhere else a few minutes later.

In the meantime if she cries when you put her in her moses basket, cuddle and rock her as you've been doing and don't feel guilty. Get a sling too so you can get on with things, which is a lot less draining.

Octaviapink Wed 29-Jun-11 12:54:17

Do NOT say you're making a rod for your own back! Certainly not with a nine week old baby! You say she's been colicky and wants to suck - to be honest it sounds to me as though she may be hungry and/ or trying to increase your milk supply because she's got a growth spurt going on. Why not try just feeding her more/ letting her suck as long as she wants to for a few days and see what happens? She may drop off like that. When she's asleep, put her down (properly asleep - takes about 10 minutes after they actually nod off).

ChloesYummyMummy Wed 29-Jun-11 13:03:54

Thanks for all the replies everyone...

Cheeseandbiscuits, I was planning on swaddling from birth but she likes to sleep with her hands behind her head and gets very frustrated when she cant so am going with her on that one smile thanks 4 ur advice.

kaola12, i have recently cut out the foods you say but have been told it can take a few weeks to notice any difference. time will tell smile

Octaviapink, thanks for the advice, I have wondered if maybe its a growth spurt as you say but when I do leave her to suckle after a while she starts to scream an pulls her legs up but continues to try sucking. It seems like it may be hurting her belly? but maybe as you say this is just her trying to increase milk supply..

Octaviapink Wed 29-Jun-11 14:06:36

Hmm - pulling legs up to tummy is usually wind?

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