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Road safety - best way to teach toddler

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lovesinging Tue 28-Jun-11 13:52:15

DS is nearly 3. I am struggling to teach him road safety and tend to use reigns and even on occasion carry him. Really want to get him walking safely on the pavement more. Would be grateful for any tips or advice. Also there any good books that I could read with him?

miranda66 Tue 28-Jun-11 14:17:23

Hi ls,

My dd is a monkey at times when we are out walking. She loves games so I let her run to the next lamp post or tree - a few metres away. She does understand that she must hold my hand to cross the road, and I constantly remind her 'we have to cross the road in a minute, hold my hand please.' She will also hold my hand if I say 'Can I hold YOUR hand please?' She also likes to help Daddy with shopping by holding one of the handles on a bag (I know it's a million times slower, but...).

itsastrawpoll Tue 28-Jun-11 14:19:52

DD1 is three in August and knows to stop at the road.

I've taught her to look left, look right, then left again and now I normally say something like "can you help me to cross the road please DD?"

Then I'll say "anything coming left, anything coming right, anything coming left?"

She does always say when there is something coming so I think it's sinking in.

Has taught her her left from right too!

lovesinging Wed 29-Jun-11 12:21:28

Some great advice there - Miranda and Itsastrawpoll - I will try out your suggestions. Thanks!

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