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Perspective needed - do you mind if I ask how far and how long your 3 year old can walk before getting tired?

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edwardcullensotherwoman Tue 28-Jun-11 13:20:29

We went for a long walk over the weekend, I worked out the length of the route and timed how long it was taking us to walk it.

DS walked about half a mile, which took him half an hour, and was then tired so got in the buggy. He rested in the buggy for half an hour, then got out to walk again and only managed another 20mins.

He's hypermobile, so I know he'll get tired easier, but how does this compare to most NT (I use this term as the purpose of checking this is for a DLA claim, he has another condition too) 3 year olds? Obviously if this is the same as other 3 year olds I should reconsider whether or not we should claim.

So basically, how far can your 3 year old walk, and how long does it take them?

TIA smile

miranda66 Tue 28-Jun-11 13:34:23


My DD is 3.2yrs, and has walked rather than being in a buggy since about 18months. She loves it, and is happy to walk for an hour or so, then have a rest, and can do it all over again.

A couple of her friends still use buggies for a walk which should take about half a hour. Others are happy to walk as far as she does.

I think it depends on the child...hopefully others will have something to say! smile

MinnieBar Tue 28-Jun-11 13:37:22

DD1 is 2.11 - close enough? She can do about a mile, if with me. If DH is there, about 100 yards before she has to be carried. hmm

Beamur Tue 28-Jun-11 13:38:01

It depends on the circumstances....somewhere new/exciting/beach/promise of ice creams etc will keep DD walking for quite a long time, half an hour no problem at all, probably an hour or more on a good day. Doing something she doesn't really want to do..she'll be complaining in minutes.
One walk we sometimes do must be 2 or 3 miles, she might need a few minutes on someones shoulders to rest a bit but is too heavy to carry for long.
We've rarely used a buggy though.

naturalbaby Tue 28-Jun-11 13:59:51

1/2 mile in around 15mins. we walk to toddler group twice a week and it's 1/2mile each way which he can walk there and back almost every time. we live at the top of quite a steep hill so he'll run pretty much all the way there then walk home so can be 10mins there and 20mins back if he's really tired!

if he's walking with daddy then it's 5mins before he is too tired and wants a piggy back!

piratecat Tue 28-Jun-11 14:03:24

ah i was going to say, if it's not very far, is he hypermobile.

i only found out about it affecting dd who has medium hypermobility years later. I just used to think she was being overdramatic and lazy (awful i know).

I think he's done well tbh, my dd would have been worse at that age.

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