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Any tips for getting DD2 (15mo) to feed herself from a spoon...?

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mintymellons Mon 27-Jun-11 13:10:13

...she WAS doing it for a few weeks, with me feeding her from one spoon, then loading another for her which she could get into her mouth easily and all was well.

However, thhe last week or so, she is refusing to take the loaded spoon, preferring just to be fed by me.

She has a great appetite so not sure if she just thinks it's quicker if I do it! She self feeds finger food no problem.

I'm not massively bothered by this, just frustrated that she was doing it and now isn't!

Any ideas please?

homeedmam11 Mon 27-Jun-11 14:03:33

She is just doing what she wants to do, at least you know she can do it, shes worked out which way she prefers it.lolsmile

Flisspaps Mon 27-Jun-11 14:05:24

DD (15.5mo) self feeds yoghurt etc with her fingers, I leave her with a spoon in the bowl and she is heavily praised when she dips the spoon in and gets it to her mouth. She was BLW though so never had the option of being fed by me.

stressheaderic Mon 27-Jun-11 14:46:40

I do the first few mouthfuls just to satisfy the initial hunger, then leave it upto DD (16mo) to have a go. Sometimes she is just tired after nursery though and would rather be fed and I don't really mind.
I had a bit of success with using a Calpol spoon in the yoghurt - very short spoon so less 'balancing' to do and more stays on the spoon and straight into the mouth! Also makes them more willing to take medicine if they are familiar with the spoon. HV told me this and it works!

FoxyRevenger Mon 27-Jun-11 16:19:03

Exactly the same as me just now! My daughter was great with a spoon at about 10 months, then started refusing utterly to pick up a spoon at all, and now attempts to use one by flipping it upside down on the way to her mouth... hmm

I'm just giving her finger foods and spoon-feeding yoghurt etc until she changes her mind again.

Which she will. Everything is a phase!

mintymellons Tue 28-Jun-11 11:54:06

Thanks everyone!

I'll just ride it out I think. Not much else I can do really. I know now we're on no2 that these things do indeed pass!

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