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Mental miserable mornings

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pipkin35 Mon 27-Jun-11 11:00:39

DD (2.2) has mental tantrums in the mornings when we absolutely have to be dressed, breakfast etc....and out of the house early for nursery/work. DS (3.7) is normally OK, even though we have to still dress his top half. Though he is starting to act up a bit and it must be from her.
She quite often wakes up crying or miserable - rarely is it those happy chats to herself. Then, she tells OH to 'go away' and only wants me to get her out of cot, goes mental when trying to get dressed or be sat on the potty etc...

IF we manage to dress her at all, she rips off all her own clothes. Her tantrums are so physical that it's really difficult. No ideas on how to make this easier. It's been like this for over 2 months, we have tried letting her choose outfits/not letting her etc...she has fits so crazy that makes the entire morning hideous.

Don't even talk to me about hair brushing!

Am trying to out her to bed earlier so she'll wake earlier so we'll have more time to get ready - beyond the normal 45 mins - but yest she kipped in PM so there was no chance of an earlier night.

Does anyone else have mornings like this?! We all leave the house so stressed and it normally takes half the short journey to nursery for her to stop fitting and wailing....there must be a nicer way to start the day FFS?!

mumsiepie Mon 27-Jun-11 20:16:28

I feel for you. We have a 2 year old (foster)boy who does everything you described. Mornings can be hellish but I have just realised he is changing and his tantrums are not as frequent now!!

I have absolutely no advice only sympathy in abundance!!

Sometimes in the car we have screeched OMG there is a horse (he loves horses) and he spends the rest of the journey distracted and looking round for it!! but it doesn't always work!! xx

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