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babies biting. at wits end. what can I do?

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MamaChocoholic Sun 26-Jun-11 09:20:31

dts are nearly 9mo and in the last couple of days have moved on from just biting when they feed to biting arms/necks/whatever's near. this morning, after being bitten by dt2 (2 teeth) every feed in the night, then having him nip my arm, I lost it when dt1 (4 teeth) bit my arm hard and out of the blue. put them on the floor and screamed/swore at them, and stormed out the room. I've never done that before blush but I just saw red.

with the nipple biting I've tried to consistently say "no biting", put them down and walk away. this had some effect with dt1 when she was younger, and she rarely bites when feeding now. dt2 seems oblivious. what else can I do? I know it's probably teething related (but I can't calpol them every day for months on end), I know they're not trying to hurt me, but it does bloody hurt. is there any discipline that works at this age? I can't even relax to cuddle them right now in case them bite and I'm already worrying this will turn into biting each other or other babies when they start nursery in a couple of months sad

Frankie000 Sun 26-Jun-11 22:08:13

Dont have any advice but my ds did the same around that age. It was def teething related, told him no biting every time he did it, but it didnt stop until the teeth were through. He hasnt biten at all since though. I feel your pain, it does really hurt!

Roo83 Sun 26-Jun-11 22:21:47

My ds never did this, but dd (almost 10 months) has been constantly biting me, furniture, her brother....whatevers to hand. I tell her 'no' and remove her, or put her down, but she just grins at me. I'm hoping it's just a phase and will pass in it's own time.

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