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DS10 driving us potty

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cantfindamnnickname Sat 25-Jun-11 18:11:29

DS is 10 but driving me and dh mad. He constantly wants something - the only time he appears to speak is to say "Can i have ......" - if we say no he sulks and tuts and storms off.

It can be "can i have some money to go to the shop"
"can friend come over for tea"
"Can you come out for a bike ride"
"Can i walk the dogs"
"can i go to so and so s house"
"Can i have some money"

We are not mean - he had new football boots last week becuase they were needed, he gets 50p occasionally, he went to the school fete last night and I gave him some money to spend.

But its getting beyond a joke - the constant "Can i have" is driving us mad.

Suggestions please. What am i doing wrong or is this just a phase

citronella Sat 25-Jun-11 18:14:59

Does he get pocket money? I think that at 10 he is old enough to be given regular pocket money (or earn it with behaviour, small jobs) to give him an idea of what things are worth and that he needs to save up.

cantfindamnnickname Sat 25-Jun-11 18:26:43

We have suggested in past that he does small jobs round the house - feed the chickens, collect eggs, sweep path off, etc etc and he does it once or does half a job and gets bored and stops.
It doesnt seem to motivate him enough ifyswim

Lovemy2babies Sat 25-Jun-11 18:55:48

Is he trying to engage with you by asking you questions?
Try spending fun time with him his choice but it has to be Somthing where you converse with each other

aquos Sat 25-Jun-11 19:09:20

My 10 yo dd is much the same. It's some sort of insatiable greed / need. Half the time I ignore her and most of the rest I say NO. sometimes I think it's just her pushing to see how far she can go or how much she can get. Weirdly, quite often if I say YES she suddenly goes off whatever it was she wanted. Which perhaps backs up what Lovemy2babies says about trying to engage us.

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