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5.5 year old can't say 'sh'

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trifling Sat 25-Jun-11 11:04:09

My five year old can't say 'sh' - it comes out as 'sss'. Should we be working on it somehow or will it come? Other sounds have got rather sloppy since he started school - I think he used to be able to do 'sh', but he seems have forgotten how to now.

julantal Sat 25-Jun-11 15:09:40

im a speech therapist-- /sh/ is a later developing sound-- see if he can say it in the initial position of the word-- like /shoe/ this is where the child learns it first to say it correctly-- tell him to stick his tongue between his teeth-- make it a game-- see if he is stimulable for the sound in isolation and then in word from. 5.5 is not too late but the sound production should be emerging

trifling Sun 26-Jun-11 06:06:50

Thanks. He does put his tongue between his teeth, it's the 'h' bit that's the problem, any ideas how to encourage that?

julantal Mon 27-Jun-11 17:47:18

sorry not between his teeth-- but back behind the teeth-- have hime close teeth, smile tightly and then say /sh/ or /s/ (this might sound like /sh/ when he attmepts /s/ with teeth closed and tight smile)

talk about it- tell him tongue behind teeth-you try it and explain/describe in simple terms how you are making the sound-- if he can attmept the sound in isolation-- it's emerging-- if he is stimulable for the sound-- that is a good sign-- if still concerned have him seen by speech therapist at school or private or wait until in 1st grade or kindergarten-- in the usa they screen all kids annually at these early years-- just in case.

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