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5.5yoDD, what to do next...

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MrsShrekTheThird Fri 24-Jun-11 23:40:31

should have namechanged as I'll quite possibly 'out' myself here.
Last week she knocked a piece of furniture over, and it landed on my foot, breaking my toe...not really an accident, disobedience and a whole series of bad decisions for attention all thrown in there. Dreadful week at school, teachers on the phone, general disobedience and rule breaking (not in lesson time, interestingly) At home has got herself in lots of sticky situations by ignoring what DH and I say.
Today she's tipped drinks over bedding etc, small I know but all avoidable... general disobedience is a huge theme just now. Exaggerated by the fact that her two brothers are doing their best to be helpful. We don't over praise them or compare her with them, fwiw. It has been suggested that they might be a reasonably good example to follow, but it's not been emphasised to the point that she's heading the other way for attention. Don't know what to do with her sad

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