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4.5 month dd started sleeping on her side or front.advice please

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valentinemum10 Fri 24-Jun-11 22:27:27

my DD is EBF and we co sleep.she is in teething hell and she pulls at her left ear,claws on the left cheek and seems to be in discomfort even in her sleep. recently ive found she writhes and wrggles like crazy until shes on her front and suddenly sleeps much better. or if i adjust her on her leftside. she will not settle on her back.she wont sleep in her mosesbasket.i dont let her sleep on me either as she still wriggles.
i dont feel happy with these new positions and wondered how unsafe it is.i am next to her but this crazy wriggling is worrying me.especially ending up with her face down as she has a stuffy nose from a cold.
she does wake without fail to feed bang on every 2 hours and sleeps fitfully inbetween. im so tired from constant checking on her but i guess thats normal...the terrible broken sleep of a 1st time mum.

Fifis25StottieCakes Sat 25-Jun-11 01:46:23

Bump - i co slept with 3 but non of mine lay on their front, someone might know

julantal Sat 25-Jun-11 03:55:38

my now 3 year old had terrible reflux issues when she was born-- i ff from the get go and changed formula twice with drs advice and guidance-- she never spit up she just would scream during and after feeds-- to get her to take two oz was a nightmare-- when it came to naps she was horrid-- i would swaddle her and she hated it- i would rock her for lengthy times only have her wake screaming post 15 min of naptime-- i was at wits end-- so i took it upon myself to try having her sleep on her belly one nap-- i watched like a hawk-- she slept for the very 1st time-- it was a dream and i was able to breath-- in speaking with my mom and mother in law-- i found out that all of there children respectively slept on there bellies-- it was what they were told by their pediatiricians at the time-- it worked for me and my three year old still loves to sleep on her belly-- talk with your ped-- it was my life saver.
note-- my dd did not co-sleep with me-- i'm too light of a sleepr.-- good luck congrats new mommy.

ChunkyPickle Sat 25-Jun-11 04:38:18

Mine had a jackknife move that rolled him onto his side to sleep from birth (from about 6 weeks we co-slept, and he would just fall asleep in the same posture he'd just been feeding in).

The guidance I read was that once they could roll themselves over there was very little point rolling them back (because they'd just do it again)

If it's any help, I was always amazed at how he could breath despite being totally drowned in boob, even now he gets in the craziest postures to sleep sometimes and is fine.

Flisspaps Sat 25-Jun-11 07:59:36

AFAIK once they can get themselves into a particular position you are OK to let them sleep there - as soon as you move them, they tend to move right on back.

valentinemum10 Sun 26-Jun-11 00:46:45

thanks.julantal-mine suffers from reflux so maybe thats why she is also preferring belly or sideways sleep.i think its a matter of me having to keep an eye on her often without being too obsessive. I cant stop her as she does go back 2her position&if not gets very frustrated and cries.
Thanks for the responses

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