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6yo detachment issues/afraid of being alone

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shavmcv Thu 23-Jun-11 20:05:22

i have started a thread about this before but it was a while ago and it has become a lot more serious now so thought i would start a new one. i really need some advice or sympathy or something i am worried sick.

6yo dd is constantly worrying about being left alone. in the house if she is playing and she doesnt see or hear me for more than 5-10mins she will panic and scream out until she sees that im still there. she wont go out to play because when shes out she cant be sure im still in the house.

in school, she screams (i mean a high pitched echoing scream) if the teacher leaves the class and there is no other adult in the class - and she will just continue to scream until she sees an adult. the scream is not a "I WANT" kind of scream - she does cry and get genuinely upset. she also cries going into school in the morning and clings to me for dear life - but not her dad, its usually only me, and only when its raining and i have to take her inside when i drop her in the playground she usually stalls a bit to go in her line but mostly goes in it ok.

i have now to go speak to the head of the infant dept in the school as they have thought about it and think she may have some sort of emotional problem. they are talking about involving the home link worker. i really dont know what is could be her fears are completely unfounded - normal happy family life, shes never got lost anywhere etc etc.

she doesnt really have any friends there are not really any children around our area she can play with and she doesnt seem to like any of the girls in her class. and now they have stopped trying to play with her anyway because they are a bit sick of her moaning and are beginning to think of her as a crybaby.

when i have brought the subject up with her she just says she doesnt like when there are no adults around she feels like she is all alone. ive explained to her even although she cant see an adult doesnt mean they are not there - but she just says well i dont know they are there if i cant see them.

im so worried about her i really dont know what to do.

hazeybabes Thu 23-Jun-11 20:15:50

People who I know whose children have had emotional issues, (although admittedly very different ones), found it immensly helpful when their school linked them up with outside agencies. Your daughter might just be highly imaginative and has got trapped in a cycle of negative thoughts regarding being left. Whatever the problem, she needs help from someone with expertise in child psychology and you and your husband will be able to work with these people and benefit from their support as well.

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