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Desperate about 3 year old

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kitkey Thu 23-Jun-11 14:04:31

My ds1 is 3.7 and I also have ds2 who is 2.2 And am 26 weeks pregnant with a dd. Over the last. Few months ds1 has become a horror - if he can't get what hecwants he get really angry and throes himself about, throws toys and screams and shouts. He has also started shouting NO a lot at reasonable requests from me or DH like getting dressed, getting out the bath etc. He is rude if you ask him If he wants something like a drink or snack shouting no if he doesn't want it. Ds2 is at that phase of helping out all the time so sometimes he will take ds1 a toys that he has asked me to pass to him but because ds2 took it to him he throws it back. Today for example he had a tantrum about getting out the bath this am and howled for half an hour, then in sainsburys he had another one because ds2 got the bananas and put them in the trolley. Ds1 had got the grapes -,they were supposed to be taking turns but he can't seem to take it at times. He wants his own way all of the time. I think I have been too soft in the past so have made a rod for my own back but i am worried that this is not normal behaviour and he us s bit old for tantrums . I ignored the tantrum in the supermarket and it went on for 20 mins. He wants to do everything for himself so if he can't do something he gets very angry. If you do something for him by mistake he again tantrums. This has got worse on our holiday so not sure if both me and DH being around and having a bigger audience is the reason but I am frightened of DH going back to work next week now. Ds1 understands there is a baby on the Wau but seem excited ANC wants it to sleep next to him and he will change her nappy and share his toys with her (shame he doesn't do this with little fs2)so I'm not sure if this us also why behaviour is worse. He goes to nursery 2 full days a week and I have had a glowing report from them - maybe he should go e everyday. I want my little boy back though.

kitkey Thu 23-Jun-11 14:06:18

Sorry for typos - typing on phone.

PacificDogwood Thu 23-Jun-11 14:06:28

There are several threads on here about the trials and tribulations of living with a 3 year old - they are insane and a law upon themselves IMO.

It sounds like normal behaviour to me, I am afraid.

Distract, ignore and keep chanting 'this too shall pass'....

PacificDogwood Thu 23-Jun-11 14:08:29

Here for instance

You are not alone smile.

Btw, my DS3 is 3.3 and a Walking Timebomb <<scared>>

manchestermummy Thu 23-Jun-11 20:29:50

Sounds much like my DD1, who is 3.8. She's getting a little more compliant, but she's been, well, challenging over the last few months.

Alas Pacific is correct, 3 yos are blooming bonkers!

Sorry, that's no help at all. But you're doing nothing wrong, they're crazy. Just keep hold of the thought that soon he'll be going to school (although not until 2012 for my DD - stooped autumn birthdays).

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