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Very wriggly co-sleeper. Normal? How to respond?

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autumnberry Thu 23-Jun-11 10:33:01

DS has co-slept since birth. It has been working nicely for us. However, DS is very wriggly and and a bit noisy (a few squeaks and grunts). Because we sleep together I feel every wriggle and hear every sound. He is now 11 weeks old. I need some tips on which wriggles to respond to, if any. When he was younger it usually meant that he needed feeding (roughly every three hours) and he would take the breast avidly. Now, however, as he is getting older I'm sure that each wriggly phase (still roughly 3 hours apart) does not require a feed. He is asleep with eyes closed, no rooting or lip smacking and when I offer the breast he either declines or just take about a 2-3 min suck. I don't want to be disturbing him unnecessarily, and also want to encourage any natural inclinations that he might have to extending his sleeping and to sleeping through the night. But I also don't want to ignore his needs (not always clear to me in a sleepy state in the dark at night when not wanting to put lights on etc). My HV and my mum have said to just ignore him unless he cries (of course my mother thinks him being in a cot would solve the problem). Any help/tips would be appreciated. He goes to sleep pretty much routinely at 9pm and usually has a dependable 'proper' feed at about 2am. Usual waking time is about 8am.

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Thu 23-Jun-11 19:26:17

If you don't think he needs to feed (ds did at that age but they are all different) you can try just leaving him or giving him a wee snuggle or pat. That night just reassure him you are there, which is of course the point of cosleeping. smile These things change over time. I remember one particulary odd phase where ds would stir, and only go back to sleep if i lent him, sitting up, against my body...then he'd happily drift back off. confused

Don't be suprised if he needs to feed more again at certain points. There are developmentat spurts that affect this. The book "the wonder weeks" explains them. Personaly we have always coslept, bf on demand at night and not "sleep trained" and ds has taken to sleeping through at 15m, but there have been easier and more difficult times on the way. smile

cherub59 Thu 23-Jun-11 22:29:41

I co sleep with 15 week old who feeds properly at 1am and 4am/5am. Sometimes he does like your baby and is really wriggly, head going side to side and grunting. This is often him just trying to pass wind! I just listen for a few minutes and use my phone backlight to see if his eyes are actually open! Generally if he needs a feed he will lip smack and if not lip smacking he will settle!

Mahraih Thu 23-Jun-11 22:45:20

We keep a small nightlight on if you can stand light in the room while you're sleeping. Otherwise, have your phone under your pillow so you can a) easily check the time to see if it is anywhere near a usual feeding time and b) use the light to se if he's awake.

Like Cherub59, I just listen and see if it continues, and usually it doesn't after a minute or two. If the sound gets more intense, it's usually time for a feed.

But yes, I think it's normal! Certainly is for us. DS is now 4.5 months and wakes us up by waving his arms and legs about like a windmill.

emilie89 Thu 23-Jun-11 23:13:26

What a good little sleeper you have! I'd say just give him a little cuddle or stroke his face when he starts to wriggle, this helps my DS (4 months) to settle back down.

Also check that he's in a comfortable position. Obviously if he is still wriggling/unsettled then try feeding him.

Hehe, Mahraih, my DS also waves his arms and legs about and I am often woken up by little feet slamming into my back, as well as very loud squawking!

autumnberry Sun 26-Jun-11 21:48:34

Thanks for all the posts ladies. It's great to have moral support. Knowing that it's normal helps.

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