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Hes tugging his hair all the time

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knittynoodle Wed 22-Jun-11 23:33:51

DS is only 6 mo. Its mainly when he is tired or eating. Hes not pulled any out yet but hes given it a good tug confused

He has a lot of hair for a baby so its easy to grab. DP is like a silverback. Do I stop him or ride it out? When do I start worrying?

Mummyloveskisses Wed 22-Jun-11 23:45:54

My DS2 (15 months now) when he was around the same age as your DS he did the same, I saw a program a while back about a child of 6 who had started as a baby pulling her hair and she hadn't got out of the habit and at 6 had several bald patches.... anyway because of this when he started this I took a blankie type toy... you know the type like a taggie and gently pushed it into his hands to encourage the pulling it took about a week and he stopped... so my advice give him something else to hold smile


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