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wrap around/primary school childcare Wilford Nottingham

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raggers Wed 22-Jun-11 21:37:45

My 3 year old son is due to start at South Wilford Endowed primary school in Wilford village in September. We currently have no wraparound childcare provision and are looking for a suitable childminder or preferably nursery that could provide this type of care. The most promising potential solution we have found so far is Roko (local gym) are willing to provide this service for very reasonable costs if they can get at least 6 children for the pre school and post school sessions. I have emailed both South Wilford Endowed and St Patricks in the hope they will spread the word to parents in a similar situation. So if you are interested then please contact either me or Roko directly and if you know of any other solutions then please share..... having nothing sorted is stressing me out :-( !!!... didn't imagine it would be sooo difficult! many thanks.

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