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Nearly 9yo getting blackheads - normal?

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pygmyangel Wed 22-Jun-11 18:40:41

DS turns 9 on Saturday and i've just noticed he's started getting quite a few blackheads on his nose and has a couple of small spots. Isn't this a bit early for this? I'm not sure what to do. I suffer from acne still at the age of 30 and have done since I was about 13 and i'm not sure if starting him using special facial washes this young is a good idea as I know they can be quite harsh. Please help.

Heifer Wed 22-Jun-11 19:53:08

I will be watching this thread with interest as my DD is 7.5 and also has blackheads on her nose and a couple of small spots.

I have acne still at aged 43! shock

I wondered if it was because perhaps she wasn't washing her face properly, I caught her just splashing her face with a little water, no soap or flannel, so have started to monitor it myself more often.

I'm not too keen on starting the facial washes at such a young age, but am willing to listen to anyone with experience of this grin

Heifer Thu 23-Jun-11 17:18:39


stillstanding Thu 23-Jun-11 17:22:14

I have terrible blackheads on my nose and remember them starting at around 11ish. I so wish that I had taken more care then as they are impossible to get rid of now. Not sure what I would do if I could go back in time ...

Surely if you wash your face properly (which I didn't then) you could avoid this? Or maybe a gentle exfoliator a couple of times a week? Might be worth asking a facialist assuming you know one!!

Madlizzy Thu 23-Jun-11 17:24:45

Sounds like he's soapdodging, as 9 year old boys tend to. You can buy him a facewash that's not too strong. Oh, and the end of a kirby grip is great for getting blackheads out. grin

pygmyangel Fri 24-Jun-11 22:48:17

Have started making him use a mild soap and will be on the look out for a specific facial wash. I do make him shower/bath frequently as he does gymnastics 3 times a week although I do admit he seems to try his best to avoid washing. I just hope this isn't the start of a long and painful battle with his skin.

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