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6.5 month old baby starting to whinge a lot more...why?

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smokesandmirrors Wed 22-Jun-11 15:26:25

My son is a fab baby. Really gorgeous temperament. Chilled and independent. Until this past week. He has started whinging more. Doesn't like it when he's left alone, whereas before he liked amusing himself with toys. He gets a lot of attention but it's hard to give it all the time. I thought he was teething but that seems to have stopped past two days.

Any thoughts? Will it pass?

WilliamSonoma Wed 22-Jun-11 17:25:51

I think most babies and small children go through this sort of thing.

My ds is 3 and he has had many periods of being clingy or whiney or both over the years. Sometimes it's teething, sometimes it's been because he's coming down with something, sometimes a change in environment/people, and sometimes I haven't been able to work it out!

One thing I did find is that he would get particularly grizzly just before a tooth came through the gum so it could be that?

Try not to worry - could just be a phase.

Kiwiinkits Wed 22-Jun-11 21:53:43

Presume you've started giving him baby rice / solids?
If so, it's probably separation anxiety I'd say. Entirely normal.

smokesandmirrors Wed 22-Jun-11 22:07:18

yes started giving solids

Separation anxiety - for some reason I thought that kicked in later...around 9 months. Does it pass?

Kiwiinkits Wed 22-Jun-11 22:48:32

Around 7 months for separation anxiety I think; so the timing's right. Yes it passes after a couple of weeks (it did in my DD anyway)

matana Thu 23-Jun-11 07:57:13

Think it's a bit early for separation anxiety. My DS (similarly very chilled out and independent) goes through short phases like this whenever he's working on a developmental milestone. I think it's quite common for them to get fussy around those times and need more cuddles. It'll pass. With my DS it passes as soon as he accomplishes a new skill.

emmyloo2 Thu 23-Jun-11 08:28:21

I have noticed this in my 7mth old. It has gotten better over the last week or so. But there was a few weeks there where I had to have hom in the Baby Bjorn just to get anything done around the house. Now he will sit in his high chair and "read" a book or play with something for a little while and amuse himself. But I think it was related to teeth but also to the fact that he is much more aware and interested in things and just wants to be involved.

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