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Strange behaviour!!

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luckyjames Wed 22-Jun-11 14:19:45

My 3.5 year old son has so far been a very observant child. He gets on well in small groups but stays aside in big groups. This probably has nothing to do with it but recently it has become difficult to get him to bed or brush his teeth etc. The other night, it took 10 minutes of him telling me that he didn't want to sleep and me telling him that it's ok, if he didn't want to sleep then he could stay up all night and play with his toys etc then him telling me "but it's night time now, we have to sleep". Yesterday night before bed he wanted milk but kept sipping one mouthful and saying "yuck!" but when i asked if he doesn't like the milk, he said he liked it. Is this normal behaviour?? Seems really strange to me!

crispyseaweed Wed 22-Jun-11 14:48:18

It sounds like he is testing you somewhat. Perhaps he (like all kids) doesnt want to go to bed and he is trying different tactics to stall you.
At this age they will start to test the boundaries and kids will push as far as they can. Is he wanting more attention from you , do you work all day?
He sound to me like he knows what he should be doing at bedtime, and for you to suggest something like staying up all night just didnt fit in with his ideas of rountine and going to sleep.
A child at 3.5 yrs is not sure always what he wants, and needs an adult to tell him on a daily basis how it is going to be, and what he should have and not have. Obviously at times depending on what it is , he can choose, and make choices. This is the age when they realise if they push hard enough they can get their own way.
If you know he likes milk and takes it, then him saying yuck is just a way to get a reaction from you. Play it cook and ignore.
Reassurance and hugs and cuddles and distraction techniques are probably your best bet. But be firm and stick to what you have said, and carry it through.

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