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How can I help my 10 year old DD be more organised and punctual?

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sandyballs Wed 22-Jun-11 12:52:10

I've just been reading through my old threads on here and this has cropped up on numerous occasions since starting school ........ and things haven't changed!

She always leaves things until the last minute or gets distracted when she's on the way to do something such as brush teeth, pack bag etc. Unless I stand by her reminding her what is next ... she's 10 though, not 5! Do I just have to accept that this is her personality, and she will probably be similar as an adult, or can I help her to change?

I'm concerned that in just over a year she will need to leave the house an hour earlier (7.30) with a lot more homework, pe kit etc than at present. I just can't se her doing it!!

I've recently agreed that she can scooter to school with her twin sister, without me, which she was thrilled to bits about, but she's done it about once in the last two weeks as her sister has been reading to go and DT2 has been fannying about, so I've left DT1 go in the hope it will spur DT2 into action the following morning! No chance, she admits she's disappointed that I drive her as we're running late, and she'd prefer to scooter but she still doesn't move herself.

sandyballs Wed 22-Jun-11 12:53:00

Sorry for the typos, rushing at work!

Sonnet Wed 22-Jun-11 13:05:09

I have a 10 year old dd like that and it is driving me to distratraction.

One thing Ihave done very recently is be tough: I have written up a list of "What do I need when" and then insist she gets her bags ready herself.
Has it worked? - not really just a cause of an arguement.

I am more concerned about her lack of organisation regarding her school work and homework

Any suggestions welcome!

cheesesarnie Wed 22-Jun-11 13:10:43

we have a get and and go chart.yes its aimed at younger children but theyre not bothered -so long as they get theyre doctor who cards!also mine like to walk across fields part of way to school but if were late we drive whole giving in,no nothing.
hoomework again i use bribes(horrid mother),or i suppose comrimise.if you get your homework done you can go to youth hw means no youth club.

MovingAndScared Wed 22-Jun-11 13:10:50

hmm - I think natural consquences are part of it -so i wouldn't drive her and if she is late she is late -if something is forgotten it is forgotton - depends whether she is bothered about getting into trouble of course
maybe help her pack bag etc the night before

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