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7 yr old dd asking sex questions!

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Chundle Wed 22-Jun-11 12:26:31

hi all dd asked me this morning if sex and shagging were the same thing! I was a bit shocked as thought she was a bit unaware (she's only just 7). She asked if I'd ever 'done sex' and a few other questions that I answered honestly. She said 2 boys at school were asking her if she had shagged another boy and saying they wanted to lie naked in bed with her an have sex with her!! Now whilst I realise this was all going to come out eventually I'm a bit shocked at some o the things these boys said to her, they've told her she has to lie on top of a boy and move up and down!! I do intend to have a quiet word with the teacher tonite about it and I do have a growing up book that I think I may show her a few pages of what do others think?? I can't speak to boys mums as they are from notorious families an it won't go down well.

MovingAndScared Wed 22-Jun-11 12:40:42

That's not good re boys - do talk to the teacher - and perhaps this going overboard but maybe social services - and tell DD that wasn't nice and I would suggest to keep away from them
Questions they were going to come at some point - and remember some girls get their periods very young - 9 even - and sounds like you handled them well- and book also sound good - you could check what the school is teaching/planning to teach as well

MamaLaMoo Wed 22-Jun-11 12:43:39

Yes speak to the teacher, saying things like that to a girl pupil is inappropriate at any age. These boys have obviously been exposed to more sexual info and imagery than is suitable for their age.

I would also reinforce that sex is something older people do not 7 year olds if she brings it up again.

BUT don't go on about it too much, it is one of those things that will slip from her mind quickly, provided the boys aren't persistently pestering her about it. I remember all sorts of daft things being said when I was 7/8 yrs old at school. Having a chat with a book is a good idea but then just leave it for a while.

p.s. I think its really good you answered her straight when she asked, I taught science at secondary school for 7 years and always tried to give a direct answer to any biology sex questions, even the jaw-dropping ones. It will help her talk to you about things when she is older if she knows you are going to be straight with her.

Chundle Wed 22-Jun-11 13:11:19

Thanks guys - my dd seems so innocent until she came out with that! She has ADHD and can be very easily led and I don't want this escalating. I have told her that just because they say they've had sex doesn't make it true and often those who go round saying things are telling big fibs. I've also told her it's against the law to have sex until you're 16 (she responds well to police/laws etc) and is only something you do when you are much older and live with someone.

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