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Getting a bit frustrated with DS's (2 YO) speech level (laziness)...

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5DollarShake Wed 22-Jun-11 01:07:41

Hi all - would appreciate some advice.

DS is nearly 2 and 5 months. He has a pretty good vocab of words, but is still very much at the one-word level of communication. Very occasionally will put two words together, but is definitely not conversational or putting sentences together.

You know how you know in your gut if there's an issue with your own child - I honestly don't think there's an underlying issue beyond him being a bit behind the curve here. He will get there in his own time and be just fine when it happens.

However, on a day-to-day basis I'm starting to find it quite frustrating.

He has discovered the word 'me' and is very lazily using it whenever he wants something; anything...! He will just say, 'me, me, me', 'me, mummy, me' and make a vague grabby-motion with his hand. This has been going on probably about a month now.

6 or 7 times out of 10 I know what he wants and thus far have been giving it to him. But now I'm starting to worry that I'm perpetuating his speech laziness. I'm explaining to him that I don't know what he wants when he says 'me mummy', and then ignoring him when he goes on like this. He does it even when he wants something he can say, and it's really starting to do my head in, as much as concern me re the laziness!

FWIW, he's been read to since day 1 and has a bed time story every night without exception, so it's not like he's not exposed to words, sentence structure, grammar, ideas, etc, etc, etc.

Again, I don't suspect any sort of significant problem; just a delay which is starting to get a bit frustrating.

Any ideas from anyone at all? TIA. smile

niccibabe Wed 22-Jun-11 02:57:21

I used to say "Mummy can't do whatever it is, when she hears that noise" which stopped high-pitched whining for stories/milk etc - it only took a couple of days to make a difference.

I'm certainly not an expert, but it may be worth checking what's expected for his age, and seeing HV/GP for a referral to make sure there is nothing wrong. Hopefully your son is absolutely fine, but if he does need any help he'll benefit from getting it early.

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