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Am I worrying unnecessarily?

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Rubyabcd Tue 21-Jun-11 21:05:17

Hi just worrying about my twelve month old, mainly because she doesn't attempt to pull herself up at all from lying to sitting. She sits very steadily and is attempting to pull up onto her knees when sitting but not to standing. She walks if I stand her up and hold her hands. She doesn't really crawl or bum shuffle but does this kind of scooting.She has never rolled. Thoughts? Should I ring HV?

There were no concerns at eight month check as she sits steadily, weight bears and has a good pincer grip. People keep telling me to enjoy her why she's not climbing every where but its on my mind a lot!!

greenshoot19 Tue 21-Jun-11 21:58:41

hey there Rubyabcd my 1 year old sounds similar! she does try and pull herself up from lying, but she has absolutely no interest in bearing weight on her feet and can only swivel round on the spot, so thats hardly shuffling and certainly not crawling! (Oh and no rolling either). i've met loooooads of mums whose babies didn't go mobile until sometimes up to two years, I'm not stressing yet. My DD went for her 8 months check at nearly 11 months due to a delay and they were fine with her development. glad to meet another mum whose 1 yo isn't moving yet smile dunno about yours but mine much prefers talking (and shouting) to walking!

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