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ds2 and 2months, very active????? is this normal?????

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firstsupermum Tue 21-Jun-11 00:58:21

my ds1 is 2yrs 2months, But he doesnt stop talking or playing all the day, he screems for anything that i will refuse to give him, sometimes he will screem outside to came off the buggy, i really dont like the look of the people, i try to ignore him sometimes to teach him that he cant have my attention all the time specialy if i dont accept what he is asking for and explain it for him but people think that i am not interested and just give me that dirty look, i am 36weeks pregnant but really tired about his behaviour, he's just around me and my dh, take him to play in the parks sometimes, to tire him out or with my friend's childrens
does anyone got the same problem???
he is very cleaver and intellegent.
any advice?
some of my friends and families told me that its normal at his age but i want more views.

Iggly Tue 21-Jun-11 12:40:40

Yep normal. DS is a bit younger, 22 months and sounds like yours!

There's not much point explaining stuff to him - he doesn't quite understand so I'll give a short reason for not doing something eg it hurts (hitting), for example. I try and avoid confrontation - by distraction or making him laugh etc. I let him walk a bit outside with reins if he doesn't want to sit in his pushchair. I also spend quality time every day playing with him - 20 mins here or there unless I'm at work. Then he'll play by himself for a bit of time too.

firstsupermum Tue 21-Jun-11 14:55:39

thank you Iggly, i am a bit relax because my dh ask me to get him a checked a lot, he said ds in too hyper.

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