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when to add baby number 2

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debbie1412 Mon 20-Jun-11 21:56:39

Hi guys
Im 30 years old and have a 9 month old son (hes amazing), Im feeling really broody and starting to think of maybe trying for a sibling. Ive always been unsure of how many if blessed i would want but i think im going for a trio, My son at present is a very easy baby and i keep thinking i could cope with 2 little little 1ns.
Really i just want abit of advice from parents that have had 2 close together to help me decide if its worth serious consideration, please be as honest as pos and dont hold back i want it all. I really am anxious more for my son who i dont want to feel left out, nor will he be of a age of understanding fully the changes in our happy house hold. But i am 30 and dont want to waste too much time either.
Is this a ridiculous post????

vtechvoyager Mon 20-Jun-11 22:18:14

I have two with a smaller gap than you would have and I love it. Its hard work with a smallish gap but really worth it.

If you can afford to work wise (if you work) then go for it.

Pigleychez Mon 20-Jun-11 22:23:56

My girls are 21mths apart. It was when DD1 was about 1 that the broodiness hit me and we fell pregnant first time.

It had trying days at first but definately worth it. Now the girls are 2.10 and 13mths and are (generally) best buddies. Its so cute to see.
DD2 waddles up to her sisters bedroom door in the morning and starts knocking as shes cant wait to see her. smile

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