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slow talking (21months) any ideas please??

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osospecial Mon 20-Jun-11 17:45:38

Hi, my dd is not talking much, I took her for hearing test in may+she had glue ear and so didnt worry about the no talking so much but had her next appointment last week and was told she passed the test this time+it must have cleared (which was great as she wldnt need operation for grommets) they are just gng2 check it again in 4months.
However she still doesn't say much+doesnt seem to want2 try any words however fun I try to make it. She says about 3 words now.
I don't know if the glue ear has just put her behind a bit+she will start when she's ready or if she does need some extra help or something, can anyone recommend anything to try or advice if uve had similar experience pls?

RuthChan Mon 20-Jun-11 18:42:00

I don't have any experience of this specific situation, but I can offer some reassurance. Your daughter is well within standard levels of speaking ability for her age.
As long as children have a vocabulary of 20 spoken words at their 2nd birthday, they are considered normal. I'm sure she will gain another 17 or so words in the next 3 months.
Some children are speaking in full sentences by 18 months, but that is unusual. My children were late speakers too, but now they jabber away and it's impossible to stop them. Just give her time. Children need to listen A LOT before they start to speak.

BikeRunSki Mon 20-Jun-11 18:48:38

No experience of glue ear, but DS barely said 10 words at your DDs age. A year later, now, you can;t shut him up and his vocab is pretty extensive. But you do need to speak to her, read to her etc.

lingle Mon 20-Jun-11 20:00:09

order "It Takes two to Talk" published by from your library (unless you want to spend £32 from the winslow publications site). This will help you learn how to accelerate her progress. it is 100% non-scary and easy to read (yet excellent) and will not make her anxious/pressured, etc. Most of it is just finessing the way you talk to her.

osospecial Mon 20-Jun-11 20:16:04

Thanks lingle that's great, I have heard of that before but wasn't sure whether to spend that much/how much it wld help, didn't think of ordering from the library! I will do that tomorrow thanks smile

Chundle Tue 21-Jun-11 07:09:03

Oso my dd is 22 months and has speech therapy. The speech therapist said kids should have between 30-50 words by their 2nd birthday (absolute minimum 30) not to include family members/pets etc It's difficult at this age to get them to talk as they are so young. My dd has oral motor difficulties

inmysparetime Tue 21-Jun-11 07:19:23

My son had persistent glue ear for 4 years, so when he started school nursery he said about 10 words clearly, I could translate several more. I used several strategies before he got his hearing aids ( at which point his speech immediately became much clearer and more prolific ). I got down to his level to speak to him, used higher pitched tones as he heard these best, made sure he could see my face when I was speaking etc.
A good way to improve vocabulary is language modelling, e. g. He says "gar!" and you reply "yes, a car, it's a red car". This values his attempt to speak, models how the word should sound, and gives him an example of a slightly more complex sentence. You probably do that already, it's quite instinctive, but now you know why you do it.

osospecial Tue 21-Jun-11 14:03:40

Hi thanx both, inmysparetime what u said about talking in high pitched tones really makes sense as my dd seems to hear these best2+whenever she says something or babbles its always very high pitched. One of her words includes a word that a couple of weeks ago my friend said in a high pitch+she learnd it really quickly.
I have ordered the it takes two book from library so will write about how I find that if they do manage to get me a copy

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