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what can/does your 1 year old do?

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hazeyjane Sat 18-Jun-11 19:41:35

Particularly in these areas:

sleep (naps? sleep through?)

eating (can they feed themselves? Regular meals/snacks? The same food you eat?)

Milk feeds (do they still have any? How many - ff or bf?)

playing (how do they play? what do they enjoy playing with?)

Physical development (are they sitting, crawling, walking?)

Ds is nearly 1, but has developmental delays, that mean that in many ways he is between 5 and 7 months old. I am trying to get a feel of what is 'typical' for a 1 year old (whilst taking into account that they are all different!)


nethunsreject Sat 18-Jun-11 19:47:34

Ds2 is a year and a month.

He has 2 naps a day, about an hour each. He sleeps badly at night! VERY BADLY.

He eats welll and likes to feed himself. We did BLW more or less, so he eats what we eat,

milk - bf, still on cue. Maybe 5-6 times in 24 hrs?

He plays - potters about, copies his big bro with cars, eating weeds in the garden.

He walks well, though his older bro was almost 18mths before he walked.

Ds1 at 1 slept like a dream, 2 naps and 12 hrs at night without fail.
Ate well
Had about 4 feeds of milk
Playing was similar
Crawlwd and cruised.

happygilmore Sat 18-Jun-11 20:29:39

DD is nearly 13 months and mostly sleeps through, although often gets up at 5am. She has a nap at 9ish and 1ish, varies for how long, but probably 2 -3 hours in total (generally dependent on if she got up at 5 or not!)

Feeds herself, has always eaten the same as us (blw) and has 3 bottles of milk a day usually. For snacks I'm finding it easier now she's older and just offer her something when I remember (normally when I'm hungry, bad mummy) and/or if she's whinging a bit.

She's sitting and been crawling for about a month, not that well but she's getting there! Doesn't pull up yet or walk and I don't think she will for a while to be honest. Has only ever sat up from lying down once - yesterday when supposed to be napping I found her sat up in her cot for the first time. Not done it today though!

Plays with anything really, particularly if it isn't a toy. A firm favourite is the washing basket with the pegs.

monkoray Sat 18-Jun-11 20:39:10

When my ds was 12 months he:
Slept through the night and had a morning and afternoon nap, sometimes as much as 2 hours;
could feed himself finger food but couldn't use a spoon;
Ate three meals, we used cow and gate 10 month + ready meal cos I am lazy, but he did eat normal adult food if we went out;
Also ate lots of biscuits;
Stopped drinking milk nearly entirely;
Used a spill proof sippy cup;
Cruised and crawled, he learnt to walk a week after his first birthday;
played with toy kitchen (enjoyed slamming the doors), loved soft play areas, liked mega blocs (but couldn't actually build with them), played with soft ball rolling it around, but mostly his play consisted of crawling around and pulling himself up on stuff.

But as you say in your OP babies are all different, so while I hope this is helpful as a guage please try not to get too hung up on what other babies can do.

hazeyjane Sat 18-Jun-11 21:26:15

Thankyou, for your replies.

I did a lot of comparing to other babies (and my own 2 older dds) when it was frirst noticed that ds had delays, but I am now able to see him as ds, and who he is and what he can do.

Physically he has just started to sit, but only for a few seconds, he doesn't roll, crawl, or wriggle. He has low muscle tone, which is one of the reasons for the delays, and he is under investigation to see if there is a cause for the low tone.

It is very easy to forget what my older dcs did when they were his age. His keyworker asked what we thought we did with/for him over and above what we would have done with the dds, and I couldn't rememember.

It is very helpful to be able to see what other dcs are doing. Thankyou

Any more would be lovelysmile

Malvapoeding Sat 18-Jun-11 21:39:16

sleep (naps? sleep through?) 2 naps a day 1 long (2 hours ish) and one short (30-45 mins) goes to bed at 7ish and sleeps until 5.30 when I feed her and she then sleeps until 7.

eating (can they feed themselves? Regular meals/snacks? The same food you eat?) She feeds herself as we did BLW but sometimes wants to be fed yogurt etc. She eats anything that stands still long enough. Has good pincer grip and has just discovered eating peas one at a time!

Milk feeds (do they still have any? How many - ff or bf?) BF morning lunch and bedtime occasionall 1 in the night

playing (how do they play? what do they enjoy playing with?) She plays with lots of things but loves happyland people, her activity table and books

Physical development (are they sitting, crawling, walking?) standing at 7 months, rawling at 8 months, took her first steps at 11.5 months then resolutely sat on her bum until her 1st party at 12mo.1w when she walked acroxx the grass yelling papa, papa

has words: Mama, Papa, sister's name, dog, peas (please) up, gone, off

bubbles12 Sat 18-Jun-11 21:41:49

Hi there,
My 13 month DD.....
Sleep - 1 or 2 naps totalling about an hour and a half. At night she wakes once or twice and I tend to feed her both times. When ill or teething she wakes significantly more.

Eating - tends to eat what we have and has a snack between each meal.

Milk - bottle at bedtime and one or two in the night. Also cup of milk in the afternoon.

Playing - pottering, chucking stuff around, eating sand/mud, pushng truck up and down, playng with cars, sitting having books read (approx 3 mins!)

Physical - can walk, not completely confidently but pretty good.

Malvapoeding Sat 18-Jun-11 21:43:33

Forgot to say she is 1yr 2 weeks and climbs like a mountain goat!

LadyWithNoManors Sat 18-Jun-11 21:52:32

My DD is 14 months.

She has one nap for an hour or 2 after her lunch. She wakes once or twice a night and has started waking early too. sad

She always feeds herself unless she's having yoghurt etc as she doesn't use a spoon just her hands. Has eaten the same as us since 7 or 8 months. Has a big appetite!

She has 2 or 3 breastfeeds a day.

She enjoys musical toys.

She can sit alone but doesn't crawl though if pushed she can move on her back as she pushes herself along the floor with her legs.

osd Sat 18-Jun-11 21:56:35

3rd dc, ds 1year tomorrow grin

Sleeps through, one nap about 3-4hrs

No snacks, eats our meals, likes feeding himself

No more bf's stopped at 11mo (so sippy cup) same time as big bro, dd was 16mo and had to stop her as bump was in the way

Loves musical toys and homemade shakers and massive basket of pine cones, cars and older siblings and electrical wires (grr)

Crawled today yeah, been rolling for months, sits from lying down, no where near walking

Has some words, mam, cat, milk, waa waa (water), beah (bread), pa pa (pacifier) points for things he wants, growls and kicks of when frustrated. Copies words we say but may not say them again for weeks

LadyWithNoManors Sat 18-Jun-11 21:56:47

Hazeyjane- if it's any comfort my DD1 didn't walk until she was 22 months old.
She was behind with all her milestones and is now a bright and cheeky 3 year old. smile

mousesma Sat 18-Jun-11 22:02:14

DD will be 1 in 2 weeks

sleep - usually 2 naps totalling 3 hrs and sleeping through from 7pm to 5am most nights but is up for the day at 5 (unfortunately)

eat - Finger feeds mostly but will occasionally tolerate sppon feeding, has started to try to spoon feed herself but is rubbish at it smile Food is basically the same as what we eat but with extra fruit and veg as i don't always manage the 5 a day myself but always make sure she does. Currently having 3 meals a day plus mid morning snack but I'm trying to introduce an afternoon snack so we can drop her mid afternoon bottle

milk - 3 FF per day, morning, night and mid-afternoon

playing, she likes - Making a mess, opening and shutting cupboards or removing the contents of drawers, pulling herself up onto furniture and "cruising", being walked around with me holding her hands, banging things together, being outside, sticking her hands in cat's water

physical - she can crawl very well, pull herself up to standing, walk holding onto furniture or my hands, climb stairs,

hazeyjane Sun 19-Jun-11 10:00:32

Thankyou again!

Mousema, ds will be 1 on 5th july, similar time to yours - this year has gone so quickly! (BTW, I remember finding dd2 at this age, sat by a bowl of cat biscuits on the floor, happily helping herself -cat led weaningsmile)

LadyWithNoManors, dd2 didn't walk until 21 months, she had over loose ligaments and was a bum shuffler. The difference that i see with ds, is that his whole body has no/low tone, and any movements he does make seem to tire him out terribly. He is having genetic testing and we are waiting for an MRI, which may show if there is something causing these problems, but obviously we hope more than anything he will catch up. He is already making progress with physio, which is great.

sunndydays Sun 19-Jun-11 10:13:36

Dd is one exactly and....

Sleeps through the night 7-6, naps are starting to change but total of two a day for a total about two hours

She feeds herself all finger food and will put pre loaded spoons into her mouth, but is still happy to be fed so I am happy doing it

She only has one bottle at night anywhere between 4-8oz, she has never been a big milk fan though

She loves all noisy musical toys, the Vtech Peek-a-Boo book, balls and cuddly toys

She sat at 7.5 months and started crawling a week ago, she is trying to pull herself up but doesn't quite have the strength or motivation. She rolls any which way too

Only says dada

Lovemy2babies Sun 19-Jun-11 14:33:28


Lovemy2babies Sun 19-Jun-11 14:39:34

My 13 month dd2 had 2 naps on day ranging from 1hr - 2hrs altogether. Bed at 7 wakes 4ish has bf then sleeps till 6.

Has 3 bf in 24 hrs and 1 cows milk drink through non spill beaker first thing in morning.

Blw eats what we eat, roast dinner, Indian, omelette. 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.

Crawled at 6 month, cruised at 7 walked at 8. Now climbs everything.

Loves books and can baby sign 7 things

Does not talk much babbles loads makes sounds like ish for fish, but no mummy or daddy yet!

Plays with everything dollys cars mega blocks balls loves swings and other children.

MyLifeIsChaotic Sun 19-Jun-11 14:47:33

Message withdrawn

Rubyabcd Sun 19-Jun-11 20:40:57

Hi my dd is twelve months and one week, she is a very good sleeper, sleeps 7-7 and tends to have a two hour nap late morning and sometimes 1/2 in the afternoon.

She loves her finger food, has attempted a spoon but it's not pretty. She has three meals a day (our food only for about three months) occasional snacks and two bottles a day, first thing in the morning and before bed. Throughout the day drinks juice from a beaker.

She will play with almost anything, loves balls. Is showing some interest in shape sorters but most things still end up in her mouth. Will attempt to turn pages of a book when guided. Loves peek a boo!! Claps hands, waves, does high five occasionally.Likes knocking things down but cannot build back up yet.

Has sat up well since seven months, now doing a weird bum shuffle thing but not far, attempting to pull up onto her knees, weight bears and will walk if holding my hands and me encouraging. Independent walking is a way off though I think!! Has never really rolled!!

Babbles a lot, only words are mamma and Dada but only mamma in context.

Morph2 Sun 19-Jun-11 21:25:13

My DS has just turned 13 months.

He usually goes down about 7.30ish and sleeps to anywhere between 5.30 and 7.30, sometimes wakes up for a short time in the night. We've recently had a spate of being wide awake in the middle of the night so i stopped afternoon nap last week and it seems to have improved. day time nap is now generally just one mid morning/ lunchtime depending on what we're doing that day, lasts about 2 hours.

Eating> I tend to make him his own food (or my mum does when she has him the days i'm at work). Main reason is because we eat too late in the week and he also generally eats better than we do!! Try and give him the same as us at weekends if i can. Feeds himself finger foods but no where near feeding with a spoon. If i give him a spoon he just bangs it on the table so just a big mess if i try and pre load spoon.

Milk> Bottle of formula at night 9 oz. 5 or 6 oz of cows milk mid morning about 2 hours after breakfast. Won't drink milk out of a cup but i haven't really percivered with this as i'd rather he drank milk out of a bottle than not drink any at all. Will finish using formula once i've used up current tin and move onto cows milk for both feeds.

Playing> Loves books, anything musical, duplo bricks

Physical> Didn't roll under 6 months. Started to crawl around 7.5 months and started pulling up around 9 months. Not walking yet but looks like he's almost there. Didn't really sit until after he was able to crawl and get himself back into a sitting position himself. Before then if you sat him down he just moved himself to lying on his front so he was probably around 8 months by the time he sat properly.

Says a few words, Mummum, dada (which has turned into saying daddy today), keys, tick (for clock), dink (drink), kack kack (duck). not said so clear that everyone would understand but we understand them as we are used to hearing him

weltschmerz Mon 20-Jun-11 14:11:33

Hi there,

DD is almost 14 months.

Sleep - has never slept well in the day, about 20 minutes at 9am and about the same at noon (though can go up to an hour at nursery). Bedtime used to be 7:30ish but has now migrated to 8:30, takes about half an hour (i.e. until 9pm) to persuade her to sleep. Almost always up around 6am. I'm shattered, she's fine...

Eating - can use a fork well, can feed herself finger food but needs some assistance with loading a spoon. Eats what I do (apart from bananas which she eats and I don't!)

Milk feeds - just stopped the night formula feed; she normally has cows' milk first thing in the morning and just before bed.

playing - running around like a mad thing.. Loves books, particularly lift-the-flap books; enjoys musical instruments like maracas and the piano; watering plants..

Physical development: rolled at 4 months then stopped at 6 months; only just started again now. Never crawled; as of the last two weeks walks/ runs everywhere; as of the last week can pull herself from sitting to standing without assistance and can pull herself from lying to standing if in her cot (very very tired emoticon)

sheeplikessleep Mon 20-Jun-11 14:25:18

DS2 is 15 months old.

He sleeps 7pmish - 5am ish through (trying to deal with the early start through cutting out his morning nap).

Naps in daytime after lunch (about an hour - but having cut out his morning nap a week ago, this has increased - he is currently asleep and has been for over an hour and a half <shocked emoticon>)

Has been BLW, so eats everything with his hands, starting to use a spoon for yoghurt and porridge. Eats the same food we eat (bar the take aways and copious amounts of chocolate and cream cakes I seem to be eating at the moment!!)

BF. Was on 3 a day (morning, after lunch and evening), but again, since we've dropped his morning nap, he's struggling a bit in the morning and I've resorted to BFing him a bit.

Playing - he moves between toys. He pretends with phone, pushes things around, climbs on everything, likes walker, follows his older brother, plays with pushing cars and trains, starting to put crayons to paper now ... ripping the catalogues, playing with remote controls and mobile phones, shutting and opening doors.

He started walking a month ago.

Pigleychez Mon 20-Jun-11 22:36:53

DD2 is 13mths

Sleep- 7pm - 5.30/6am Generally nap after lunch 12.30 ish - 2ish.
Sometimes mid morning then mid afternoon if shes woken early.

Eating- Doing BLW. Feeds herself foods. Stabs food with fork and scoops with spoon. Not fussed and eats the same huge amounts as her almost 3yr old sister!

Milk- Formula Milk apon waking (approx 4ozs) Mid afternoon- Very random at the mo.. few ozs max Bedtime milk- few ozs.. usually pretty full from dinner.

Playing- Wants to play with her sister, Loves books and will flick through books for ages! Loves noisy toys and dolls. Loves pulling everything out of cupboards!

Physically- Sat up unaided at 3mths, crawled at 8mths, Walking at 12mths. Now whizzing around confidently, running too! Stairs are a breeze!

HumperdinkFangboner Tue 21-Jun-11 21:07:28

DD2 13 months.

Sleeps - 19:00 - 7:30, very recent development, usually the most awful sleeper! Naps in the morning for 2.5 hours and might get 40mins to an hour in the afternoon.

Eating - BLW, feeds herself and attempts to use a spoon but would rather use her hands. Eats the same as us.

Milk - recently stopped breastfeeding, she now has full fat milk (6oz) before her nap and then 7oz before bed.

Playing - favourite toy is one of her sister's dolls, it talks and she loves it! Likes toy phones and cars. Makes a mess everywhere and can't leave her alone for a minute!

Physically - crawled at 6 months, climbed the stairs at 6 months (still have to pluck her from the stairs at least 15x p/day) walked at 12 months and is now very confident on her feet.

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