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First day of school

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Claennister Fri 17-Jun-11 18:42:37

My daughter starts school soon and my husband can't decide whether or not to take a day off to be there for the "big moment". Part of me says it's not worth it cos it's just a walk into a playground and then we go home again, part of me says it's an important milestone moment and even if it's not a bit exciting he will want to feel like he was there.

Can anyone who has been there and done that let me know what they thought, if it was worth going, or if they regretted not being there. Thanks.

Mummyloveskisses Fri 17-Jun-11 18:51:04

It is probably 10 mins maximum BUT my DH has taken the day off to see our DD go in on her first day in Sept, its important to him to be there for this milestone as he works all the time he missed unpradicable milestones such as first step, first word, first time she ate with a spoon etc
Plus he will be there when she comes home which I know with our little chatterbox will be very exciting for us all.


piprabbit Fri 17-Jun-11 18:55:22

If he has plenty of leave, then he might as well take the time and enjoy it. Although if your DD becomes aware of the importance you are both attaching to the day, she may find it harder to leave you both at the door without tears (in which case making it all sound very mundane and 'Ho Hum' might be the way to go).
TBH though, if leave is in short supply, he might be better off saving it so he can watch the Christmas shows - much more enjoyable than the first day IMO

olivo Fri 17-Jun-11 21:03:15

I'm glad I wasn't there for my DD's first day, as she kicked off massively with DH - she wold have been a million times worse if I was there too. TBH I had no choice as I am a teacher, but I wouldn't have gone if I was at home.

there are likely to be many occasions when things will be on in school, so maybe keep it for later if he can?

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