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why does my 21month son hit his head?

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sleepysarah2006 Fri 17-Jun-11 11:04:35

I'm wondering if anyone can help. My little boy hits his head fairly gently,it's not in a tantrum or frustration he just looks at me and taps it with his fist.
He hasn't started talking yet (that's another small problem!),so i can't ask him why.
I wonder if he has a headache?
Really appreciate any ideas/advice. thanks

chippy47 Fri 17-Jun-11 11:10:27

No advice as such. I have 2 DS (5 and 3) and they just do. They grow out of it eventually. As long it is not too hard and they are not hurting themselves it does not appear to have any lasting effects.

zipzap Fri 17-Jun-11 20:16:36

If you are worried why not take him to the gp and ask him to check out if he is having headaches (no idea how!) and that there is no sign of brain tumour (article in the paper the other day about all sorts of weird symptoms for these. Ok 9/10 times but still worth checking). Or hearing or sight or any thing else it could be. Also mention the no speaking thing.

At the end of it he will hopefully say that all is well and you won't have to worry. Which is just what you want to hear. And then when anyone asks about him tapping his head you can say that it's all fine.

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